Ladies and gentlemen, loyal readers both old and new, the moment you have all been waiting for is here: The Dim Sum Diaries now has a rating system! It is not just any old rating system, however, with stars or thumbs up/down. My rating system comes directly from my personality.

Sometimes the quality of food that I taste leaves me speechless, whether it be because it is utterly delicious or utterly disgusting. For these times, ‘ooooh’ comes into play. I have devised a rating system based on my favourite word to describe food (if it can even be classed as a word), ‘ooooh’. Depending on the number of ‘O’s in my ooh, it can mean so many different things. Here is the breakdown:

I don’t plan on backtracking (unless there’s a huge demand for it), but from now on, at the top of every review, expect to see one of these little images to give you an idea of exactly what I thought about the restaurant.

Thanks for reading and happy eating to you all!

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