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Life without chocolate simply would not be worth living; as I am reminded each year when I decide to give it up for Lent, I need chocolate in my life. It is the friend who is always there, no matter how hard times get; the friend who will always, without fail, put a smile on your face and remind you that despite work stress, homesickness or those ‘that-time-of-the-month’ mood swings, things really aren’t that bad.

When, one gloomy day, I received an email from Alexis Kwong Alvarez, the founder of ChocoYOU, inviting me to taste some tailor-made chocolates, did I hesitate? Silly question. I responded immediately and put my creativity to the test on ChocoYOU’s website.

ChocoYOU is Hong Kong’s first and only custom-designed chocolate website; in three very easy steps, you choose your chocolate, choose up to five toppings, enter your details and less than three days later you will receive the most exciting package straight to your door.

chocoyou hong kong

The beautiful packaging makes these chocolates the perfect present, whether you’re treating a loved one, or simply treating yourself (it’s more than ok to buy yourself presents, especially if they involve chocolate). The chocolates are handmade in the ChocoYOU studio in Sheung Wan, so you can guarantee they will be fresh and made with a true chocolate lover’s passion.

The website offers a whole range of infusions, toppings and decorations, some classically associated with chocolate, others slightly on the wacky side. The beauty of it is that there are no restrictions, so if you really want to create pink chocolate with crispy chicken ramen, crystallised lavender and gold flakes, you are more than welcome to (although I would probably not recommend it!).

chocoyou hong kong

Wanting to taste a range of chocolate, I ordered one white, one milk and one dark, each made with rich, creamy Belgian chocolate. Starting with the white, of which I am not usually a fan, I chose to top it with caramel crunch and M&Ms, which not only looked beautiful, but was also possibly the best white chocolate I’ve had in a long time.

For the milk, I chose pink Himalayan salt, cashew nuts and sprinkles. The contrast between the creamy, sweet chocolate and the hint of salt created a delicious balance that was hard to stop eating.

The dark chocolate, my absolute favourite, consisted of chilli, cornflakes and red chocolate hearts. The chilli creeps up on you very subtly, leaving you with a warming, satisfying tingle in your mouth.

If you don’t consider yourself to be very creative, or are in a rush to fulfil your chocolate cravings and don’t have time to create your own bar, you can always choose one of ChocoYOU’s signature pre-designed bars.

Now for the best part of this review – Alexis wants to offer you, my dear readers, a 10% discount on your very own ChocoYOU chocolate bars! From now until 16th June 2013, enter the promo code DIMSUMAPR2013AA when you check out and you’ll receive 10% off your final bill – the perfect excuse to treat yourself!

Prices start from $70 per bar, with additional charges for each topping. Delivery is a flat rate of $45 for Hong Kong deliveries, which is removed if you collect the chocolates from the Sheung Wan studio yourself. No minimum order and they also deliver outside of HK – check the website for more details.


Tel: +852 2327 9902

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  1. Ariana Cheung

    The chocolates look so pretty! I was trying to order some earlier, but I don’t know where to put the promo code in…?

    • thedimsumdiaries

      Thanks Ariana! When you got to ‘check out’ and fill in your delivery details, there is a box that says ‘coupon code’ – enter the code there and click ‘apply coupon’ and it should update the total bill for you. Hope it works!


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