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Hello hungry people!

I decided to start up this blog as a tribute to the most important thing in my life (second to the wonderful Wilkinson family of course, plus all those who I basically consider family). And that (second?) most important thing in my life is obviously…FOOD.

To those of you who don’t know me… although I may sound like a fatty, I’d actually describe myself more as a fat person living inside a not-so-fat person’s body. My father read my blog and insisted I make it clear to people that I am not an obese, lazy person who does nothing but eat. I am not an obese lazy person but I do spend a lot of time eating. Maybe when I’m forty it’ll catch up with me and then I might just become obese – who knows! (But let’s hope not!!)

Along with walking behind infuriatingly slow people, and trying to walk against the flow of people who refuse to veer even slightly to the side to let you pass, one of the things that annoys me most about living in Hong Kong is that a great number of restaurants simply don’t have their own website. When you Google them, all you get is pretty awful websites with hideous pictures of dishes and terrible reviews with an abundance of grammatical errors that make any perfectionist like myself cringe. I can’t stand it. Did I mention I love food? So when someone invites me to a restaurant, naturally the first thing I do is Google it, look for the menu and scope out what I am most likely to order. When a place offers a huge menu, being as indecisive as I am, this always makes life a little bit difficult for me. I’m not saying I don’t like big menus. But it’s always rather embarrassing when it comes to ordering and there are just so many amazing dishes to choose from that I don’t know where to begin. Then I start to get nervous and either ask the waiter for their opinion (said waiter, more often than not, has never actually tried any of the dishes himself and therefore cannot provide me with any valuable advice. For example a waiter at a lovely restaurant in London claimed he could not tell me if the chicken pie was good as he was intolerant to chicken. Really?!) or  I panic order and go for something I really should not have ordered. Hence the need to see the menu beforehand. Definitely a sensible request methinks. But alas, not every restaurant offers such luxuries here, and as I mentioned, the reviews just aren’t up to scratch. I read a review about a very good dim sum restaurant where the review’s author had given it the complete thumbs down because her elderly mother had not been escorted to her seat. What did it say about the food? Zilch. Really helpful when all you want to know is if it’s going to make your taste buds tingle.

Therefore I am proposing to check out these places with my own taste buds and let you know my verdict. It’s always so easy to find a place you like and trust and keep going back there. But Hong Kong has so many restaurants to offer and new ones opening up what seems like every day, so why keep trying the same place? I am setting myself the oh-so-difficult challenge of trying out a new (if only new to me) restaurant at least once a week and writing about it. Let’s see if I can help some of you fellow foodies out there. I unfortunately won’t be able to provide you with an up to date menu, but I can (hopefully) at the very least, provide you with a (nicely written) critique that will still make your mouth water (or not, as the case may be). Watch this space…

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  1. Michael Bauböck


    I read your blog and it seems like we got a lot in common …

    My name is Michael Bauböck, coming from Austria, looking for a new challenge as a cook in a foreign city to me yet … Hong Kong.

    I’m looking for a restaurant where I can develop myself professionally.
    I’ve worked in top restaurants and just want to go on just as before.

    Once you’ve written in your blog, you should not necessarily rely on the internet in the reviews, I ask for advice

    Which restaurant speaks to you personally the most?
    Where there is the possibility to carry out most of another culture?

    I would be very connected to you if you’d leave me a personal message.

    bauboeck.michael @ gmx.at

    Culinary Greetings from Austria!

  2. Sean

    Hi Ale,

    Whenever I meet my family to try out a new restaurant, I have always made the Dimsum Diaries my first stop to see which great new spots you have visited as my main point of research. It’s always fun to read your experiences and the number of cool places you find which I would have missed is awesome. A totally invaluable blog!

    Great new site design by the way.



    • Ale Wilkinson

      Hi Sean, thank you so much for your comment. I’m really happy you like the site and that you find it useful. It means a lot to know that I have loyal supporters out there! If you have any suggestions of places to try or need any tips, then please feel free to get in touch. Happy eating! Ale

  3. Belinda

    Hi Ale,
    I was searching for Mavericks and here comes your blog. Enjoyed reading your blog and definitely will try the restaurants you’ve been to. Already have a few in mind after reading your comments.
    See you at the practice at some stage. ;)

  4. Dianne Sibal

    Hi Ale!

    I’m Dianne Sibal from a local food and travel show from Manila, Philippines. We are visiting HK soon to film two episodes of our program there, and we would love to guest you in one of the features. Would it be possible to get your email address so we can share more details with you?

    Hope to hear from you soon! Love your blog :)

    Dianne S.

  5. Corie

    Hi Ale,
    Nice to meet you! I’m a foodie myself but by day I’m a PR consultant. I’d love to invite you to food-related events that my clients are having soon. If you’re interested, could you let me know the best email address to reach you? There’s also a Grand Opening at Maya Cafe in Central if you’re able to join (apologies for the last minute invite) this Saturday, October 24th from 1-4pm if you are able to join.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and keep sharing your food adventures!


  6. Bert

    Hi Ale,

    As a foodie and someone who religiously follows your blog, I recently opened a restaurant in Causeway Bay called Maizuru (舞鶴) which specialises in omakase style dinner and authentic Japanese lunch sets with ingredients flown straight from Japan. Would be great if you could pop by for a try when available. Please email me at hkmaizuru@gmail.com or go to our openrice page (http://www.openrice.com/en/hongkong/restaurant/causeway-bay-maizuru/472604) or check out our IG page at (https://www.instagram.com/hkmaizuru/) if you need address/contact details or want to take a look at what people have eaten. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Warmest regards,


  7. Yong J.

    Hi Ale,

    I am looking for a dinner venue to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We are expecting 10 to 12 people total. Could you give me few suggestions?

    Thank you.

  8. Phil

    Fantastic Blog makes planning the short business trip to HK that much easier. I only have 5 nights and it seems that there is so much to taste and try. How am I ever going to fit it all in. With your help so far I have got my must try places down from 25 to 15 HELP. Not enough time

  9. thedimsumdiaries

    Thanks for your comment, Phil! I’m glad to hear that I was able to be of some assistance. I am the most indecisive person and find narrowing down choices, especially when it comes to food, mightily difficult, but let me know what sort of cuisine/atmosphere/price range you’re after and I’ll see what I can suggest. Otherwise you might just have to have five meals a day! It is possible…


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