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Perhaps to counterbalance all the indulgence that we allow ourselves to enjoy, Hong Kong is becoming more and more health conscious, with healthy and vegetarian restaurants opening up all over the city. Fresca is a cute new café that just opened on Hollywood Road and promotes fresh, delicious and healthy vegetarian food prepared using locally sourced ingredients.

fresca hong kong fresca hong kong

I had walked by this place countless times and watched it being built, in eager anticipation to discover what delights it would serve. It’s an adorable space that’s bright and welcoming with cute little pottery people, as well as glass jars containing miniature farms. Order your food downstairs from a beautiful salad bar and then carefully head up the spiral staircase to find some seats. The upstairs is also used for private functions as well as hands-on workshops to teach you how to grow your own potted salads, potatoes and citrus fruits at home – how sweet is that!

fresca hong kong fresca hong kong

The menu offers salads, soups, sandwiches and “healthy” treats either to grab and go or dine in. The daily selection of salads varies depending on the weather, the season or even the chef’s mood. Most ingredients are grown in a private garden and farm right here in Hong Kong, so you know it’s super fresh and has a law carbon footprint.

fresca hong kong

After deciding if you’d like a regular or large salad box, you choose your base – you can either have mixed greens, mixed grains, or a combination of both. For a small box you can then choose two toppings, or three for a large box. You don’t need to choose blindly though, as the friendly staff will let you try them all first to make sure you make the right choice. Since everything was delicious, I decided to be a fatty and ask for an extra topping, so I had: roasted pumpkin with black sesame and cumin, tofu with avocado and tahini and spiced chickpeas, all of which made this a seriously good salad that kept me full until evening.

fresca hong kong

We were intrigued by the “sweet salad”, which on this particular day consisted of chilled sweet potato with coconut milk and chia seeds, so of course we had to try it. This was curiously comforting and wholesome, though definitely too sweet to be able to finish it on your own.

Fresca is a lovely new addition to the neighbourhood. Prices are also very reasonable, with a small salad priced at only $58. When I have lunch in Central, I have a list of around three or four restaurants that I tend to alternate between – ones that offer a light, healthy and nutritious lunch. Fresca has most definitely now made it onto this list and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes one of my weekly haunts.


G/F, 54A Hollywood Road
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2770 2282

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