gaucho hong kong preview

Unless you’re a bit weird or vegetarian (perhaps both), steak is one of life’s great joys. Who cares that there are already dozens of steakhouses in Hong Kong? When a new one opens, particularly when it’s Gaucho, one of London’s finest, there’s obviously going to be a stir of excitement.

gaucho hong kong preview gaucho hong kong preview

I attended the media preview of Gaucho this week and was so impressed that I thought I’d write a pre-review, since I can’t base a whole experience on free-flowing Malbec, sliced steak, ceviche and mini empanadas alone. All I can say is that all of the above were seriously delicious and I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into more (I quite literally can’t wait, so I’m going this very weekend!).

The space, decked out with cowhide chairs, cowhide walls and basically a lot of cowhide, in the style of the London restaurants, is uber cool and inviting.

gaucho hong kong preview

The steak is all Argentinian, of course, all 100% grass-fed, free-range and wet-aged. I’m used to grain-fed and dry-aged in my line of work. I can’t necessarily pinpoint which is better, as both are very different, but the four cuts of steak I tried at Gaucho – rump, fillet, sirloin and rib-eye – were certainly delicious, even more so when topped with freshly-made chimichurri.

gaucho hong kong previewI can’t, until now, say much more than that (other than that those empanadas, filled with oozing provolone, mozzarella, cheddar and caramelised onions were divine), but I can say that I am excited about gorging on some grilled, juicy Argentinian steak (plus more) this weekend. Watch this space for a full review to come very soon!

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