Lokali Hong Kong

As much as we all love the Rugby Sevens, the Monday after is never very pleasant. Sore heads and stomachs plague almost everyone who attended and the words “never again” often escape from the mouths of many. Needless to say that following this ridiculously unhealthy few days (plus the week leading up to it) my body was craving goodness. I had been meaning to check out new-ish café Lokali and decided that there could not be a better time to do so.

Nestled towards the end of Wan Chai’s Stone Nullah Lane, Lokali is a cute little café brought to us by the same owners as Life Café and JustGreen. It specialises in organic and gluten-free food as well as a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, without being limited to just this.

Lokali Hong Kong

The space is cosy yet airy, with big French windows that push back to make it feel bigger than it is. Healthy groceries line one wall, whilst straight ahead of you you’ll see what treats are on the menu that day.

Lokali Hong Kong

After tasting some delicious freshly made smoothies – try the Beetberry, with mixed berries, yoghurt, honey and mint – we were rather disappointed by the carrot and ginger soup. It was more of a watery broth than a soup and, although it was salty, there was very little actual flavour to it.

Lokali Hong Kong

The organic quinoa falafel with lemon tahini sauce, however, were delicious. They could have been a little crispier on the outside, but the texture beneath was spot on and I loved the lemon tahini sauce so much I very nearly scooped every last drop straight from the bowl once the falafel had finished!

Lokali Hong KongMoving onto the mains, the vegan Thai green curry was an enormous portion full of baby corn, aubergine, potatoes and tofu on a mountain of quinoa. It was nicely flavoured, with large chunks of lemongrass and a decent amount of chilli.

Lokali Hong KongMy favourite dish was perhaps the gluten-free pumpkin and spinach lasagna. It’s a real treat finding somewhere that offers a gluten-free version of this much-loved dish, not to mention a healthier one too. There was no creamy béchamel sauce in sight, yet the chunks of cottage cheese, pumpkin, spinach and golden mozzarella on top made this a tasty and comforting dish without the guilt it usually induces.

Lokali Hong Kong

Our first dessert of raw chia pudding with blueberries was again a huge disappointment. It had a strange, rather rancid taste that immediately made my stomach churn. When we mentioned this to the staff behind the counter, they admitted that it was not fresh and was in fact yesterday’s leftovers! I’m not sure why they were still trying to sell them, but the staff were at least very accommodating and immediately offered us free tea and coffee, before removing all the remaining puddings from the display counter.

Lokali Hong Kong

Fortunately the gluten-free carrot and orange muffin was delicious, with a perfectly moist and fluffy texture that made it difficult to tell it was actually gluten-free.

Our lunch came to around $365 for the two of us. Although the quality was not consistent throughout the meal, I found Lokali to be a sweet little place with friendly service and simple, hearty and healthy dishes that definitely filled me with the sort of goodness I needed after a weekend of madness.


82A Stone Nullah Lane
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2338 6032

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