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Although the rest of the world has been on the gluten-free bandwagon for a long time, Hong Kong has only recently become aware of diners’ dietary restrictions, and more and more restaurants these days are actually thinking about what goes into their food and what the diner really wants.

My good friend Jaime and I compiled a list on Sassy’s website of all the tried and tested restaurants, shops, supermarkets and hotels that provide gluten-free food, whether it’s already on the menu or if all you need to do is ask.

Rather than re-post the whole thing here, I’m just going to direct you straight to the post on Sassy’s website, so click here if you’re a fellow sufferer and want to know where you can get your gluten-free fix.

As we said on the article, this is by no means a full list of Hong Kong’s gluten-free options, but I hope that for the meantime it will at least keep you busy  until we find more. In most cases, provided the staff know how to say more than simply “cannot” (one of my least favourite words), restaurants are more than willing to do whatever they can to accommodate gluten (or even other) intolerances. Just ask and find out for yourselves.

Happy (healthy) eating!

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