When browsing through the lanes in Central looking for some kind of fancy dress accessories, as we do all too often in Hong Kong, I came across Chotto Maki, a brand-new grab and go sushi place. It caught my eye, since it offered cooked items as well as raw – pregnant ladies rejoice!

The small space is definitely more of a takeaway spot, although there are a handful of seats if you do want to dine in. If you’re really in a rush, there’s a chilled counter offering pre-made sushi rolls and drinks, so you can be in and out within a jiffy.


The main point about Chotto Maki, however, is that you are able to customise your maki rolls by choosing your protein, veggies, sauces and add-ons, and then watching the chefs prepare your fresh roll for you.

chotto-maki-hong-kong-kitchenOf course, if you’re indecisive or like to follow recommendations, there are a few chef-designed rolls to choose from, such as the Beef-iyaki (with teriyaki beef), the Sea Monster (with crabmeat and tempura prawn), or even the vegetarian-friendly Veggie Lover, which are still made fresh in front of you.


I chose teriyaki chicken with asparagus, cucumber, avocado and tempura yam, topped with roasted sesame, spicy mayo and wasabi mayo. It was a pretty tasty combination, although, given the size of each roll, it fell apart at the first bite, making it a little tricky to eat and probably not a suitable choice for a first date!


One order includes four rolls, which I was assured would be sufficient for me. Clearly they don’t know me. Perhaps it’s the extra little person I’m carrying, but I was still hungry after this, so decided to order a mini pot of udon noodles. This is actually supposed to be an add-on at the time that you order your rolls, but they let me have it for the same add-on price anyway. I think the kitchen staff were a little confused, however, as my pot of udon sat on the counter for a little while, as if the staff were waiting for its corresponding maki rolls to appear. The soup had a lovely comforting flavour, but the noodles were just a touch overcooked and lacking that chewy texture that makes udon udon.

For chef-designed rolls, you’ll pay $68, whereas customised rolls start at $78, plus $18 for the mini udon. Chotto Maki isn’t perfect, but for a quick and easy lunch in Central, it’s definitely a good option and I can most certainly see myself returning and experimenting with other fun flavour combinations. I quite like the idea of crispy sole fillet with mango…

Chotto Maki

3 Li Yuen Street West
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 5111 6074

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