boomshack hong kong

Although there’s certainly a time and a place for fine dining, a lot of the recent restaurant openings have taken a much more casual, even fast-food approach. Sadly the concept of an actual food truck isn’t possible here in Hong Kong, but that hasn’t stopped newly opened Boomshack from trying to recreate the idea of one.

Boomshack is brought to us by Chef Austin Fry (from Roundhouse, Salon 10 and Mavericks), together with his business partner Billy Pang. Inspired by the food truck craze in North America, blended with the flavours and cultures of Asia, Boomshack is bringing an exciting spin on fast-food to Lan Kwai Fong.

The space is set up like a typical American fast-food joint, with metal tables and stools, and a kind of unfinished glam. In front of the kitchen is what looks like an illegally parked food truck, completing the look and feel of the concept.

boomshack hong kong

Keeping things simple, the menu is divided into two main sections – burgers and tacos, with a small selection of sides. The buns on Boomshack’s ‘Boom burgers’ are made with a blend of wheat four and potato starch, giving them a lovely, fluffy texture that somehow doesn’t seem as heavy. We tried the Texmexican, which features house-ground beef, stuffed chilli, chipotle mayo, provolone and salsa verde. Although I thought it a little small for its $98 price tag, the flavours were delicious and the beef nicely cooked.

boomshack hong kong

I have a serious weakness for char siu, as well as a weakness for tacos. So, naturally, when we saw char siu tacos on the menu, we couldn’t resist trying them. The pork was succulent and not too fatty, pairing nicely with the charred spring onion and the ginger salsa. Again, however, I was slightly disappointed by the size, given that you can get tacos with more filling for less money in many of the new Mexican joints all over town.

boomshack hong kong

Sides of beet fries and tater tots were excellent, particularly the beet fries, which were perfectly crispy on the outside, whilst still maintaining the freshness of the beetroot beneath. That surely means they’re still kind of healthy, right?

boomshack hong kong

If you know about my objection to mixing fruit with chocolate, you should also know that banana is perhaps the only exception to this rule, particularly if the chocolate in question is in fact Nutella. It was therefore hard to resist the banana and Nutella waffle. However, for a dessert that could have been so good, something was not quite right; perhaps the waffle had been reheated, or perhaps it hadn’t been cooked enough, but it was soft and soggy to the fork, entirely lacking that wonderful waffley texture.

boomshack hong kong

Boomshack is a fun addition to Hong Kong’s dining scene. Prices are a little higher than your average food truck, but remember you are eating rather fancy burgers from Lan Kwai Fong. If this place stays open late enough, there’s no doubting the crowds of hungry night owls that will gather in search of a midnight snack.


Shop B, G/F Wo On Lane
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2660 5977

No reservations

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