healthy chicken hong kong rotisserie burritos

What do you get when you cross a rotisserie chicken shop with a burrito joint? You get Healthy Chicken, a new fast food restaurant on Wellington Street that serves – you guessed it – healthy chicken.

healthy chicken hong kong rotisserie burritosOpened by three partners – Joey Ngoy, Jason Lau and Percy Hung – Healthy Chicken was created to bring hearty yet healthy choices to foodies who are both health-conscious and time-starved. Joey, who is also a food blogger, was set on opening his own restaurant and Jason, a self-professed fitness freak, insisted he open something healthy, something that he would be happy to eat himself after a good workout. They therefore insist on only using natural ingredients, never any MSG, and preparing everything from scratch every day in their kitchen. Each meal supposedly contains the necessary serving portion of all the major food groups and the necessary vitamins and minerals required for a healthy lifestyle.

healthy chicken hong kong rotisserie burritos

The space is no more than a takeaway counter with a few stools at the back for those who wish to dine-in. It looks simple and clean with spots of bright colours to liven it up. Attention is naturally drawn, however, to the beautifully bronzed chickens slowly rotating in the rotisserie oven right at the entrance and the colourful condiments behind the counter.

healthy chicken hong kong rotisserie burritosObviously the main ingredient on the menu is chicken. You can choose whether you’d like a quarter, half or whole rotisserie chicken, wings, breast or leg, either on their own or as part of a salad box, or you can choose a chicken wrap (basically a burrito). For a fixed price, you then choose your rice (brown, tomato or spinach) and then state whether or not you’d like chopped tomatoes, grilled peppers, sweet corn, romaine lettuce, spinach, black beans and cheese, and finally choose between some Peruvian-inspired sauces – garlic aioli, ají verde, sriracha mayo or ají amarillo.

The chicken, flown in daily from Brazil, is marinated in a delicious blend of herbs and spices including bay leaves, paprika, rosemary, sriracha and lemon, making it deliciously juicy and just a little bit spicy.

healthy chicken hong kong rotisserie burritosIn the few weeks that Healthy Chicken has been open, I have already been a number of times and tried the rotisserie chicken leg, chicken wings, and of course the burrito. I’m not usually that fussed about chicken wings, but I found these ones really succulent and loved the marinade. If you go for the rotisserie option, it’s a little hard to eat with the plastic cutlery they provide, so the best way is to just go for it with your hands (there are disposable gloves in case people don’t like getting their hands dirty).

healthy chicken hong kong rotisserie burritos

My favourite item on the menu, however, is definitely the burrito. I would never compare this to an actual Mexican burrito, not even when I have paid the additional $15 for guacamole. I don’t think it’s trying to be a Mexican burrito though; it’s just trying to be a healthy chicken wrap that’s affordable ($68), filling and delicious, and for that, at least, it is proving successful. My only complaint is that the ají amarillo, which is supposedly the hottest of the sauces, isn’t nearly as hot as I’d like it to be.

healthy chicken hong kong rotisserie burritos

There are still a few tweaks that need ironing out at Healthy Chicken, mainly to do with preparing the right quantities so that things like the guacamole (or even the chicken itself) doesn’t run out before the end of the day. The staff are incredibly friendly and smiley, although this also means that they can be a little slower at putting everything together for you, particularly at wrapping up the burrito. That said, however, I think it’s a great little spot for an easy lunch or dinner on the go that won’t leave you feeling guilty nor out of pocket. I am quickly racking up stamps on my loyalty card to qualify for a free burrito, so I will most definitely be back again and again!

Healthy Chicken

Shop A2, G/F, Khuan Ying Commercial Building
87 Wellington Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2489 0100

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