azure hong kong rooftop brunch

This is probably the best time of year here in Hong Kong, now that the temperature has dropped to a pleasant 25 degrees and the humidity a mere 60%. This is the time of year when everyone, bar those lucky few who own outdoor space, craves some kind of rooftop or terrace on which to enjoy these cooler climes. Azure Restaurant Slash Bar in LKF Hotel is fortunate to have a gorgeous rooftop soaring 30 floors above the city with an equally gorgeous view. Azure has just started a monthly brunch on said rooftop, claiming to be the “only rooftop brunch in Central.”

azure hong kong rooftop brunch

This monthly brunch is held in collaboration with G. H. MUMM Champagne, with music by Cliché Records and a different fashion label each month. We visited on the inaugural one, last Sunday, at which French brand Le Slip Français was showcasing its range of men’s swimmers.

azure hong kong rooftop brunch azure hong kong rooftop brunch

The setting is pretty perfect, the music is incredibly chilled and I can see long hours spent enjoying free-flow bubbles whilst basking in the sunshine.

azure hong kong rooftop brunch A big charcoal-fired barbecue fills the air with that wonderful smoky aroma that reminds me of summers back home (before the father swapped our big South African braai for a gas-powered grill – can you sense my disappointment here?). The selection is fairly substantial: steak, burgers, chicken, ribs, sausages and prawn skewers, as well as corn on the cob and sweet potato.

azure hong kong rooftop brunch

Unfortunately, however, the quality of the food didn’t quite meet expectations. The flank steak was just a tad chewy; the burgers were far too small for their corresponding buns; the skinless chicken breasts were not marinated and were fairly dry; the ribs had a great flavour but were also dry; the ‘sausages’ were frankfurters; and the prawn skewers were bland with undercooked vegetables.

azure hong kong rooftop brunch

It wasn’t all bad, however – there were a few decent sides, including a tasty apple, cashew nut and raisin salad, as well as a quinoa salad and some nice grilled veggies.

azure hong kong rooftop brunch

Desserts looked appealing, yet both the chocolate cake and the madeleines were disappointingly dry. It was only the colourful fruit platter that was refreshingly delicious.

The barbecue alone costs $250. Add on free-flow MUMM and you pay $650. Azure is lucky enough to have an amazing rooftop and an inviting setting that is worth going to even if to simply escape the bustling city and enjoy a tipple from on high, yet I can’t say it would be my favourite place for brunch.

Azure Restaurant Slash Bar

29-30/F, Hotel LKF By Rhombus,
33 Wyndham Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3518 9330

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