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If any cuisine could claim to be the definition of comfort food, it would be Southern American food. Enoteca Group quickly realised their Drunken Duck wasn’t to everyone’s liking, and has now replaced it with The Parish, an authentic Southern American restaurant serving comfort food at its best.

If you ever visited The Drunken Duck, you’ll see that some of the décor has remained, such as the blue and white tiles on the walls and pillars. Add to this worn woods, vintage-style leather chairs, vintage-style mirrors and black cast-iron window frames, and the scene is set for feast in the Big Easy.

Much like the décor, the menu is also very simple and unpretentious, showcasing all the staple Cajun and Creole dishes you would expect to find, plus a few extras. Running the kitchen is Executive Chef Jack Carson, a New Orleans native and Hong Kong’s authority on Southern American cuisine.

the parish hong kong enoteca group

I admit to having a serious weakness for sweet potato fries. We had barely sat down when I saw them on the menu and decided we must have them to snack on whilst deciding on the rest of our meal choices. These were, without a doubt, some of the best sweet potato fries I have encountered. There seemed to be an additional layer of crispiness on the outside, giving way to fluffy goodness inside. Dipped in the accompanying cumin dip, they were even better.

the parish hong kong enoteca group

Given the meatiness of the humble aubergine, the eggplant fingers offered a similar bite and texture to that of a chicken goujon. They had a subtle smokey flavour that paired beautifully with the chilli aioli. Be warned, though, a portion of eggplant fingers offers six chunky pieces, which will quickly fill you up if there are only two of you.

the parish hong kong enoteca group

The heirloom tomato, feta and watermelon salad was light and refreshing, with a lovely balance of sharp, sweet and salty flavours.

the parish hong kong enoteca group

When our half rack of Backyard BBQ ribs arrived, I was certain they had mistakenly given us a full rack, as it was more than enough to share. The ribs were beautifully fork-tender and that BBQ sauce was seriously good. Ask for an extra pot of this.

the parish hong kong enoteca group

Chef Carson is known for his Southern fried chicken, so it was absolutely essential we put it to the test. We were so excited about its arrival that we attacked the pile of beautifully golden-fried chicken before it even made contact with the table. I then remembered my readers and insisted we put our drumsticks down and recreate the dish for a photo before tucking in! The batter was perfectly crisp and tasted divine even on its own, whilst the chicken beneath was incredibly juicy and utterly delicious. I think we found Hong Kong’s best fried chicken.

the parish hong kong enoteca group

Following the recommendation of the very friendly staff who served us, we finished with a slice of Key Lime Pie. One of the staff actually said to us, “if you don’t like it, it’s on me.” We tried to pretend we didn’t like it, but it was a bit difficult considering we had already scraped the plate clean! That said, I’m more of a chocolate or cheesecake girl, so I think a return trip is in order to try the Mississippi Mud Pie!

Prices are pretty reasonable at The Parish, and definitely more so than Chef Carson’s former restaurant, Restoration. Starters are mostly under $100, whilst mains are mostly between $100 and $200. Service, in true Southern American style, is exceptional – the staff genuinely wanted to serve us and give us their personal recommendations, a touch I always appreciate. I don’t even have to hope that The Parish will have a better fate than its predecessor – I know that its tasty, homely comfort food and excellent service will keep the customers coming back.

The Parish

G/F, 44 Staunton Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2803 0050

5 Responses to “The Parish”

  1. Bill Sanvidge

    I know Jack from Bistecca and Restoration. He is an outstanding chef! Thanks for the nice write up. One correction, though! It is by far not South American cuisine; certainly southern United States!! Cajun creole dishes are the staple of the state of Loiusiana and the city of New Orleans. It has nothing to do with the continent of South America!!! I have travelled all over South America and can’t recall the dishes you mentioned there. I could be wrong, but definitely this is food in southern Loiusiana. Please let me know if I am wrong. Thank you! Bill

    • Ale Wilkinson

      Hi Bill, thanks for your comment and glad you liked my review. I am fully aware that it is not South American food – I wrote “southern American” not “South American”! I am actually half South American so I wouldn’t make that mistake! Thanks for commenting though! :)

  2. Hollie K Ivany

    Trying this tonight, based on your review. I’m happy they’ve replaced the DD as I wasn’t overly impressed with it (although I usually love Enoteca Group’s concepts). Can’t wait to indulge in some fried chicken and perhaps the poppers. But, what about the mac n’ cheese? The fried green tomatoes! Will have to roll ourselves home…

    Thanks, Ale :)

  3. Jo

    The first time we visited this restaurant, the food was superb and the best Mac and Cheese in HK. Recently however they changed chefs and the quality of food has gone downhill. We had dinner there and everything was over cooked and the Mac & Cheese was so bland and dry. Very disappointing overall.


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