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We’re all guilty of becoming just a little bit lazy in Hong Kong. Often this laziness can creep into our diets, meaning we end up eating whatever is most convenient, without taking into consideration how healthy (or unhealthy) that might be. With Hong Kong’s growing interest in health and wellness, you may have noticed the number of healthy meal programmes that have recently started appearing. The newest one of these is Eatology, which I sampled for a week earlier this month. (See also: Lean by Design.)

Eatology provides premium, tailor-made meal programmes that are designed by chefs and tested and tweaked by dieticians to ensure that all the macronutrients are spot on, whilst still providing customers with delicious food. There are a variety of different meal plans to suit your overall goals – whether it’s to lose weight, boost energy levels, or to generally just eat more healthily. It’s also the only meal programme in Hong Kong that fully caters to vegan diets.

The plan that I was on was a completely custom-made one that began with an in-depth consultation with nutritionist Tanja Guigon-Rech from Nutrition Nation. Tanja runs a team of internationally certified nutritionists who are dedicated to providing food education and guidance to the people of Hong Kong.

I found my consultation with Tanja pretty fascinating. Just by asking a few questions about my day-to-day life, diet, sleep patterns and exercise regime, she was able to tell me my body type and give me concrete suggestions on how I can work with my body type to achieve my goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. Tanja then calculated how much protein, fat and carbohydrates I should be eating and relayed this information back to the team at Eatology so that they could put together a programme to suit my exact requirements.

eatology hong kong

I was put on a meal plan of around 1,600 calories per day with a macronutrient breakdown of 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbs (good fats and good carbs only, of course). My meals were delivered to my office at 8:30am sharp and consisted of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Each dish was listed on a daily menu, including total calories and macros, so I could see exactly what I was eating.

eatology hong kong


I’ve tried a couple of meal plans before that were so uninspiring that eating the dishes almost seemed like a chore. Eatology’s meals were the complete opposite; each morning, I was like a child at Christmas – I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to get! The meals are so well thought out and genuinely exciting that they were a real pleasure to eat.

eatology hong kong


Breakfast always consisted of eggs, since they’re high in protein. Yet it was never just plain, simple eggs; one day I had ‘Moroccan-style scrambled eggs’, another I had Alaskan-style omelette with smoked salmon and crème fraiche.

eatology hong kong eatology hong kong


Lunches and dinners were never just grilled meat and two veg. I’d have things like chicken burger with quinoa salad and homemade ketchup, or honey duck breast with cabbage mango slaw, or (one of my favourites) Marseille fish with green beans and aubergine gratin.

eatology hong kongMid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks were often meat-based (again, for the protein count), such as Moroccan meatballs with tzatziki, or marinated seared tuna with wasabi soy.

One issue that I know I struggle with is portion size, as, when left to my own devices, I invariably overeat. I’ll start grazing on anything that’s put in front of me, and just keep eating even when I’m already full. The Eatology portion sizes were more than enough without leaving me feeling uncomfortably full. And, since I was getting a snack somewhere between breakfast and lunch and then lunch and dinner, I was seldom hungry.

Another thing I loved about Eatology is that they use environmentally-friendly packaging. Since you’re receiving five dishes a day, some of which are split into two boxes, there is obviously a LOT of packaging. Eatology uses Vegware packaging, which is entirely made from plants and 100% compostable. It’s refreshing to find a company that thinks about things like this, particularly here in Hong Kong, where saving the planet is rarely the highest priority!

Eatology’s programmes start at $308 per day, depending on the number of meals and calorie count (i.e. if you choose to, you can do just breakfast, lunch and two snacks, to give you a bit more flexibility for dinner). If you think about it in terms of how much you’d usually spend on food per day, you might think it sounds a bit expensive and might claim you could do it all yourself for less. Then think about grocery shopping, preparation and cooking time, and think about if you could really create meals this exciting and delicious for yourself for less money. The answer is most definitely no.

Are you wondering how I felt after a week of Eatology? Not only did I feel less bloated, more energised and apparently noticeably slimmer, but I was consciously aware of my portion sizes and calorie intake once I was back on ‘normal’ meals. I was in fact so impressed by Eatology and the way it made me feel, that I have already signed up to two more weeks of it before I head off to get married! There are obviously a number of these meal plans out there, but of the ones I’ve tried, Eatology is by far my favourite. Their motto is ‘eat healthy, live easy’, which couldn’t be more true.

As a special offer for readers of The Dim Sum Diaries, Eatology is offering HKD250 off your first two-week Eatology meal plan! To book your meal plan and claim your discount, send an email to and mention The Dim Sum Diaries.


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