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On a sunny day, a trip to the beach usually involves eating a “light” lunch, for fear of being confused with a beached whale. On a rainy, miserable day, it doesn’t matter, since you won’t catch me sunbathing anyway. A recent trip to the beach happened to fall on one of those apocalyptic days we’ve been experiencing of late. It was therefore the perfect day to try out new American eatery Hotshot and not feel too guilty about it!

hotshot hong kongRight at the end of The Pulse’s strip of restaurants, Hotshot is a very cool hangout that pays tribute to Californian surf and skate shacks. There’s the actual restaurant, which serves a wide selection of classic American comfort food, and there’s also a small takeaway joint that serves only burgers. Much like its sister restaurant, Bibo, the interior of Hotshot is very funky, with quirky works of art that include an almost-life-size statue of Bart Simpson crossed with a skeleton… For something less weird, there’s also a big food truck that serves a daily special drink – which happened to be a hot toddy on this particular day.

hotshot hong kongSince we had two furry friends waiting (im)patiently outside and we needed to remain in their line of sight, we could only really try the takeaway joint and managed to score a couple of bar seats overlooking the beach (and our furry friends).

hotshot hong kong

The menu is limited to Hotshot’s classic cheeseburger, with the option to add a selection of toppings (we both added bacon and avocado) and either fries or salad. The burger comes very simply wrapped in tinfoil and the chips in a plastic container, given that it’s all supposed to be to takeaway.

hotshot hong kong

The patty had a decent flavour and was just the right size, but, for me, it was a little overcooked and crumbly. The sweet brioche bun was a tasty contrast, but I did worry that without the bacon and avocado, this would have been quite a boring burger.

hotshot hong kong

The chips were skin-on, American-style thin, and didn’t seem to be too greasy. They therefore had the potential to be great, yet were significantly underseasoned and, perhaps due to the plastic container, some were also pretty soggy. Since I don’t eat Ketchup and am not a big fan of American mustard, it would have been nice to have a special burger sauce, or BBQ sauce in which to dip my chips.

The burger with fries and a drink costs $150. Add on bacon and avocado and you’re paying $200 – which is definitely quite steep for fast food. At least when you get it ‘to go’ there’s no service charge, although actually service was pretty good. I think Hotshot has the potential to serve some really awesome burgers, so I’m not writing them off just yet, but there is definitely work to be done…


G/F, Shop 114-115, The Pulse
28 Beach Road
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2515 1661

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

2 Responses to “Hotshot (Takeaway)”

  1. Arturo Sims

    Hi Ale, hello from Hotshot! Thanks for coming and for taking the time to write about your experience.

    Firstly, your feedback on the burger: we’re glad you thought it had a decent flavor and was just the right size. After serving more than 10,000 happy burger eaters, we’ve determined that 6oz is the perfect serving size. The patty’s made with USDA Prime meat and cooked to medium well as per American diner standards, but we would have been happy to cook it medium or even medium rare if you had specified.

    Point taken on the fries, we will look for a better container. Our apologies. Our mustard is French, however, not American. As the usual accompaniment to fries is ketchup, we do not take an alternate sauce into account. But again, if you wanted a different kind of sauce, we would have been happy to give you one.

    Regarding the prices, Butcher’s Club Burgers and Beef & Liberty are more expensive than us when you add the fries and the burger. However, contrary to popular belief, Hotshot isn’t just a takeaway burger place. It’s a modern American restaurant surrounded by carefully curated art with lots more to offer; Chef Wes Long was previously of New York’s acclaimed new American restaurant Hudson Clearwater. Although he puts out a mean burger, his cuisine is so much more. In fact, we have just revamped the menu to highlight his culinary prowess further. We hope that you’re able to give Hotshot’s dine-in menu a try. BTW, diners who eat in the restaurant don’t get charged service either.

    Please feel free to contact me directly on your next visit at

    Best regards,

    Arturo Sims

    Restaurant Manager

    • Ale Wilkinson

      Hi Arturo, many thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I am definitely keen to try the main restaurant – I checked out the menu and it looks very tasty! If we didn’t have the dogs with us we would have tried it, but they aren’t very patient!


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