motorino hong kong date night delivery

As a big fan of Motorino’s Neapolitan-style pizzas, I was pretty excited when they started doing delivery. To make matters even more exciting, they also do a Date Night Special that’s only available for delivery orders. The thought of a night in on the sofa with a delicious pizza that can still be classified as a ‘date night’ was too good to resist!

The Date Night Special includes a pizza of your choice, a bottle of sparkling red Gragnano wine and a generous slice of tiramisu, delivered straight to your door any day of the week between 6.30pm and 10.30pm for only $388.

Motorino aren’t using one of those delivery courier companies, but have their own delivery service. This means you don’t have to wait the usual 90 minutes to receive your order, and your pizza is still warm when it arrives. The only thing that quickly cooled down our pizza was my insistence on taking photos of it for this review!

Although I’ve tried a number of Motorino’s pizzas, it really all comes back to the soppressata piccante, topped with tomato, fior di latte, slivers of garlic, chilli flakes and spicy Italian soppressata sausage. Every bite of doughy deliciousness is spiked with a decent chilli kick and that lovely charred flavour that many hate but I adore.

Chase this with a big slab of creamy yet light tiramisu. There’s no choice over what dessert you get, but with Motorino’s tiramisu, you don’t really need a choice. Even though I don’t drink coffee and can therefore sometimes find tiramisu a little too coffee-y, this one is one of my favourites out there.

According to Motorino, Gragnano is the “perfect pizza wine.” I can only agree, as this light, bubbly wine goes down a little too easily.

This is pretty much the exact meal that we would normally order when dining in at Motorino. Interestingly, however, had we been at the restaurant we would almost certainly have ordered at least one starter to share between us (usually the meatballs), so initially we were a little disappointed that there wasn’t one. However, half a big doughy pizza each, half a bottle of wine each and ample amounts of creamy dessert turned out to be more than enough food. We couldn’t help but think that perhaps this is Motorino’s subtle way of hinting that no one really needs as much food as they order when out!

Thank you, Motorino, for giving us a ‘date night’ option that doesn’t involve spending too much money, doesn’t involve over-ordering and over-eating, and that can be enjoyed from the comfort of our sofa!

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