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Although our city is doing its best to offer more and more healthy eating options, there are times – and all restaurateurs know this – when all you need is some serious comfort food. Wooloomooloo Group’s latest outlet, The Chop House, is just the place to find exactly this.

As well as the group’s other restaurant Wooloomooloo Prime, The Chop House is one of the first restaurants to open in the soon-to-be foodie haven Soundwill Plaza II – Midtown in Causeway Bay. This will soon be the home of two new restaurants by Harlan Goldstein, as well as the one everyone’s talking about: Jamie’s Italian.

Describing itself as a ‘gastro-bar’, The Chop House is a much more casual concept than any of the other Wooloomooloo outlets, claiming the tagline of a “back to basics” grill restaurant. The interior is reminiscent therefore of a casual New York-style diner, with leather booth seating, black and red metal chairs and wooden tables simply and clearly stamped with words relating to the menu. Outside, a sprawling terrace allows for al fresco dining in an even more casual setting.

As well as a large range of cocktails (I enjoyed ‘An Apple a Day’ and like to believe it was even just a little bit good for me!), several tables both inside and out are fitted with a self-serve beer tap, which diners can use with their selfTAP card to pour their own beers.

the chop house hong kong

The Chop House claims to serve “the best quesadillas in town”. That is quite a bold claim, but I must say our chicken quesadillas were very good, oozing with molten jack cheese and served with generous portions of salsas. I don’t think I’ve ever had quesadillas with minced chicken before, but I was certainly a fan.

the chop house hong kong

Since everyone seems to be competing for the best burger in town these days, we thought it only fair to try the BBQ beef burger. The patty was well seasoned and nicely cooked, laden with melted cheese and crispy bacon. I wasn’t blown away by the BBQ sauce, which I found a little too tangy, and neither did I think much of the tater tots; they had a lovely crispy exterior and were nice and fluffy inside, but they didn’t give off a great deal of flavour. All in all, however, I was impressed by the burger itself and would rank it fairly highly on the HK burger scale.

the chop house hong kong

According to the menu, the full slab of smoked BBQ US baby back ribs is suitable for two people. It would definitely be far too much for me, but give it to any hungry man and there’s no chance he’ll share with you, so don’t expect this alone to be enough for two. Regardless, the tender meat fell satisfyingly off the bone and had a lovely spicy kick to it.

the chop house hong kong

A side of creamy corn was delicious, but since the cute pot it was served in was merely for decoration, rather than having been used to cook it, the corn got very cold very quickly.

the chop house hong kong

To finish, we couldn’t resist trying The Chop House Baileys Cheesecake. Although the base was delicious and the texture of the cheesecake itself was wonderfully creamy, we couldn’t really detect more than a tiny hint of Baileys – and that was probably only because we knew it was there.

Service was pretty poor on the night we visited; even though the restaurant wasn’t at all busy, we had to ask for cutlery, napkins and even the menu. The total bill came to a little under $1000 for two, with only one cocktail each – more than I was expecting it would be for what is supposed to be a more casual and accessible restaurant, even if it is by Wooloomooloo. That said, the food was all of a high quality and the setting was lovely. I hear they do some mean sandwiches at lunchtime, such as a soft shell crab club sandwich, which I am 100% going back for!

The Chop House

3/F Soundwill Plaza II – Midtown
1 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2771 3177

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