Brunch is undoubtedly one of everyone’s favourite mealtimes in Hong Kong, with most, if not all restaurants, offering a special weekend brunch menu that perfectly fits that sweet spot between breakfast and lunch. Beef & Liberty, in my humble opinion Hong Kong’s best burger restaurant, has recently launched a new weekend brunch menu that is guaranteed to satiate that not-quite-breakfast-but-not-quite-lunch hunger.

The new brunch menu at Beef & Liberty isn’t one of those all-you-can-eat buffets, but rather an a la carte menu with something for everyone. For those who need to start the day with breakfast food, there is yoghurt and granola on the menu, whilst people who come to Beef & Liberty in search of a juicy burger can try the Breakfast Burger! The menu isn’t overwhelmingly large and neither are the portion sizes, meaning you can actually mix and match a few dishes to share without feeling too naughty. After all, the whole point of brunch is that you’re combining two meals into one and can therefore eat double, right?!


It’s worth adding here that we visited Beef & Liberty during the Christmas period, when they also had their special Christmas menu available for a limited time only (i.e. sadly not anymore). I was intrigued by the deep-fried goat’s cheese with beetroot (let’s face it, I’m always sold by deep-fried cheese) from the Christmas menu. Chef Uwe and B&L team, I implore you to please, please add this dish to the full-time menu! I promise you, it would sell like hotcakes! The combination of warm, gooey, rich goat’s cheese and the sweet, juicy beetroot is heavenly.


Now onto the main reason we were there – BRUNCH! We began with the croissant with ham and cheese. Though simple, this croissant was seriously delicious, toasted just enough to melt the cheese, whilst remaining nice and fluffy inside, whilst the lemon mayonnaise added a little something different.


The Breakfast Sandwich with rich, slow-braised Wick’s Manor BBQ pork, topped with a fried egg, tangy pickled onions and fennel, was also lovely, sandwiched, of course, in one of Beef and Liberty’s perfectly fluffy buns.


We couldn’t try brunch here without sampling the Breakfast Hamburger. Here, the classic, succulent beef patty is paired with crispy Wick’s Manor bacon, caramelised onion and a fried egg, in yet another fluffy bun. Whilst definitely tasty, I think it would have been even better with some melted mature English cheddar on top for good measure. Perhaps I’ll ask for it next time.


A trip to Beef & Liberty is not complete without a side of sweet potato fries. These are hands down my favourite chips in Hong Kong and a little bucket of these crispy, sweet yet savoury chips fills my heart with happiness, especially when dipped into the accompanying “secret sauce”, of which one pot is never enough!

beef-and-liberty-hong-kong-brunch-menu-christmas-cookie-skillet beef-and-liberty-hong-kong-brunch-menu-christmas-cookie-skillet-cream

One of my favourite ways to finish a meal here, even after indulging on a burger and chips (and maybe a chocolate milkshake too…), is with the warm skillet cookie. The Christmas menu also featured a special Christmas Cookie Skillet, which we simply had to try. This Christmassy version of the classic dark chocolate chip cookie included festive spices and raisins, before being drizzled in thick cream. Personally, I prefer the classic version, as found this one a little too sweet, but that didn’t stop me devouring it!

Brunch dishes at Beef & Liberty range from $28 for a simple croissant with jam, to $128 for a full English breakfast, so it certainly won’t break the bank and you may as well order a few things to share. There are a few classic brunch drinks on the menu, as well as a free-flow option, which includes house wine, Prosecco, Bloody Mary, beer and soft drinks for $108 for one hour, or $178 for two hours. Considering a single Bloody Mary is $100, the free-flow is pretty much a no-brainer! I do love a good burger at Beef & Liberty and I can now safely say that it’s a great spot for brunch too!

Beef & Liberty

3/F, California Tower
30-32 D’Aguilar Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2450 5778

Other locations in Wan Chai and Stanley

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