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Food delivery is by no means a new phenomenon in Hong Kong. For as long as I can remember, you’ve been able to get food from almost any restaurant you can think of delivered to your door. Until recently, however, food deliveries took no less than 60 minutes (90 on weekends), and the chances of receiving your food hot and fresh were slim to none. Enter Deliveroo, the newest and best food delivery service that everyone’s talking about.

deliveroo hong kong

Deliveroo launched in London in 2013. After proving successful in the UK and Europe, the delivery service launched in five cities across Southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East at the end of last year. You might have noticed people dressed in kangaroo outfits in Central? That wasn’t just for a random fancy dress party, of which we know Hong Kong has many; that was part of Deliveroo’s big marketing campaign when they launched here in Hong Kong.

What makes Deliveroo different from just another delivery site, you ask? The team at Deliveroo hand-select the restaurants that they want to work with, ensuring only the best quality food is offered and never include low-quality takeaway joints. What’s more, Deliveroo promises each and every customer that they will not have to wait hours for their food. In fact, the average delivery time for Deliveroo is just 32 minutes. The way they achieve this is by only delivering within a certain radius of the restaurants, or, rather, only delivering from restaurants within your area.

deliveroo hong kongOnce you have entered your delivery address either on the Deliveroo website or mobile app, you’ll see a list of restaurants that will deliver to your area. Before you get annoyed that your favourite Wan Chai-based restaurant will not deliver to Kennedy Town, ask yourself if you would even enjoy the soggy, lukewarm food if they did deliver to you. Probably not, right?

deliveroo hong kongI have ordered Deliveroo both to my office and home address and quite like the fact that the list of options is different for each one. On one occasion, I ordered a delicious, healthy feast from Grassroots Pantry to my office, including palak paneer and their incredible raw salted caramel pralines. Another time, I ordered some falafel and a quinoa salad from Maya Café to my office. Once I even ordered a filet de boeuf from Metropolitain, which arrived at our apartment still deliciously medium-rare and the perfect temperature. I wouldn’t have even expected to be able to get food from Metropolitain delivered at all!

Eating, for me, is rarely a last minute decision, so I’ll usually plan my meals ahead of time. With Deliveroo, you can plan ahead and order up to one day in advance. The first time I ordered, my meal arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule; another time, I received a call to say the driver was stuck in traffic and yet it still arrived bang on schedule.

Once your order has been accepted, you can actually monitor the status, and they’ll let you know once the food has been prepared, once it is en route and once it has arrived. If that’s not good customer service, then I don’t know what is.

deliveroo hong kong

What’s the catch, you ask? Is there a huge delivery fee? Negative. Each customer is charged a flat fee of $30 for delivery. There isn’t even a huge minimum order value; the minimum is only $120. And, since the app stores your credit card details, there is absolutely no cash exchanging hands whatsoever – think Uber but tastier.

Hungry? Want $100 off your first order? Use the code DIMSUM100 when checking out. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

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