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With less than a week left until Christmas, time is running out to get your Christmas shopping done! Don’t panic though, as we still have a whole weekend ahead of us to cram in some last minute shopping and get the perfect present for that special someone!

I’d say that anyone who has me on their list of people to buy for is rather lucky: if they get me something food related I’m bound to be happy! And believe me, I do receive many a food-related gift every Christmas and birthday – but I’m not complaining!

If that special someone on your list also happens to be a foodie, here’s a list of presents that he or she is bound to love. Some of these I already have in my kitchen, whilst some of them I would really love to have…hint hint…

nutri bullet christmas gifts

A NutriBullet

Much better than an average blender, this compact gadget completely breaks down ingredients into something nutritious and delicious (depending what you put into it!). It’s ideal for making juices, smoothies, soups, dips and more, and one of the best things about it is that each container comes with it’s own lid, so you can blend your smoothie, put the lid on and take it straight to work!

I’m not sure where you can get one of these in Hong Kong, but where there’s a will there’s a way…


kitchen aid mixer christmas gifts

A KitchenAid Mixer

I’ve wanted one of these for years (hint hint), as you can do just about anything with it. For anyone who loves baking, this gadget would soon become your best friend. If I had one, there would always be some kind of baked good around the flat. So for anyone who loves eating delicious freshly baked goods, buying your loved one one of these would also benefit you! (hint hint) ;)



A Le Creuset Pot

Yes these cast-iron pots are expensive, but they last a lifetime and will put a smile on anyone who loves their cooking’s face. I have grown up with Le Creuset pots in my home kitchen – pots that were given to my parents for their wedding and are still in pristine condition. As I say all the time, when I get married, this is the first thing that’s going on my wedding list!


dim sum diaries Christmas gifts for foodies hemsley hemsley cookbook

A Very Good Cookbook

I love cookbooks. Even if I end up just looking through the pictures and not necessarily making the recipes, I love cookbooks. My favourites are anything by Ottolenghi (The Cookbook and Jerusalem are on my stack currently, whilst Plenty is on the list), anything by Jamie Oliver (these are particularly good for the less experienced cooks) and I just received Hemsley + Hemsley’s The Art of Eating Well as an early Christmas present, which I can’t wait to get stuck into!

Head to any Dymocks or Bookazine and, if you’re anything like me, you might spend hours there looking through all the cookbooks – maybe you can get one for yourself whilst you’re at it!

dim sum diaries foodie christmas gifts restaurant vouchers

Vouchers for a Yummy Restaurant

Pick your favourite (maybe have a read through my Shortlist for the top 10 restaurants of 2014!) and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get vouchers for it. Pick somewhere he or she has been dying to go to and you’ll get bonus points. (The above photo is from one of my favourite restaurants, Le Bistro Winebeast).

dim sum diaries foodie christmas gifts hamperHampers

Filled to the brim with delicious goodies, hampers are always a winner. Everywhere does them these days – big hotels, some restaurants, wine shops, delis – so just get one that’s tailored to whoever you’re buying it for, or even make your own and add a personal touch!

I came across this website that has quite a nice selection of hampers: www.gifthampers.com.hk


A Citrus Zinger

This clever bottle makes drinking water much more fun. It has a citrus juicer at the bottom of the bottle, which infuses into the water, to add a little zing. There’s a whole range of different sizes and colours, and there’s even a Vodka Zinger to make your own fruit-infused vodka!


dim sum diaries christmas foodie gifts nespresso machine

A Nespresso Machine

I’m not a coffee drinker myself, and yet part of me wishes I was, just so I could have a Nespresso machine! For any coffee addict, this would make the perfect present and jazz up any kitchen.


dim sum diaries christmas gifts for foodies homemade truffles

Make Something!

Homemade edible gifts, no matter how good a cook you are, are always the best. The fact that so much time and passion has gone into making it will always win you brownie points. So, if you have a little free time over the weekend and want to impress that special someone on Christmas Day, get in the kitchen and make something tasty – something like fudge, Christmas cookies, jam or homemade chocolate (or truffles) would make anyone happy! Use one of the cookbooks I’ve mentioned above, or browse online – BBC Good Food has some great ideas. Get some nice packaging too for extra points!


I know there are plenty of other foodie gift ideas that I have forgotten to mention, but hopefully this will at least get you started! Good luck!

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  1. Hydi

    I come to HK every year. I will be in HK from 11-25 March 2015. So, if anyone wants to buy the NutriBullet, they can order it and use my address in the US and I will bring it to them in March. I have lots of free space in my luggage, so it is really no big deal for me to carry it. If anyone interested, just let me know buy posting a reply here and I will contact them directly. Happy Holidays! Hydi


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