seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

About a year ago, during a time when Hongkongers were lamenting the lack of decent fish and chips in the city, Australian fish and chip shop Seasalt opened, ending the drought for Mid-Levels dwellers.

Perhaps due to the excitement of it being the first fish and chip shop in the neighbourhood, Seasalt was overwhelmingly popular as soon as it opened, with hour-long waits for takeaway collections and some key ingredients (i.e. fish or chips) often running out half way through the night.

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

Seasalt then excited customers even more when it started offering fish tacos, initially only one night a week and then three nights a week. Co-owner Dave told me that on non-taco nights he came across some genuinely furious customers who were outraged that they could not satisfy their taco cravings. There’s no denying that when a customer gets hangry, things can start to get a little scary.

And so, in order to calm these frighteningly angry customers, Seasalt has just rebranded as a Fish & Chips + Taco Bar, serving six kinds of tacos every day of the week! We visited last week and tried all six of them.

Now, before all you taco aficionados start raising your fists and shouting that fish tacos should only be served on corn tortillas, I know this as well as anyone. Dave defended himself from the beginning of the night saying that Seasalt has never been traditional and so they didn’t feel obliged to stick to the rules; all tacos at Seasalt are therefore served on flour tortillas – and pretty large ones at that! Don’t start getting arrogant and thinking you can eat all six tacos, as you’ll be more than satisfied after just two.

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

The tempura salmon taco looked a little sad, served with only a little bit of lettuce and a few strips of vegetables. However, it had an excellent crunch factor and the wasabi mayo gave it a decent punch that tied everything together and made this one of the best of the bunch.

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

For those who don’t eat fish, there’s now a grilled “Tex-Mex” chicken taco on the menu. Diced chicken marinated in a blend of tasty spices is served on a bed of brown rice, topped with lettuce and a creamy dressing. It had a pleasant kick from all the spices, out of which the cumin shone through quite powerfully.

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

The grilled spiced prawn taco had a similar spice blend to the chicken taco, but this time was served with chipotle mayo, giving it yet again a lovely kick that was balanced by the fresh coriander. I was pretty impressed by the generous serving of prawns in each taco, each of which were perfectly cooked.

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

For vegetarians, the grilled Portobello mushroom taco, with lettuce, corn salsa, Jack cheese and creamy dressing was nice enough. There could have been a bit more cheese for my liking and perhaps more mushrooms and less lettuce…but then again why order the veggie when there’s so many other choices?!

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kongThe grilled barramundi taco was another of my favourites. Again, the toppings were pretty mediocre, as it seemed like they were trying to bulk it out with lettuce instead of adding more corn salsa, for example, but the fish itself had a lovely flavour.

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

We finished with Seasalt’s Original Fish Taco: crispy tilapia fish with coleslaw and a generous drizzle of chipotle mayo. Although I loved the chipotle mayo, the fish itself didn’t carry a great deal of flavour on its own. However I enjoyed the contrasting textures and can definitely understand why this taco caused anger when it wasn’t available!

Despite Dave’s pleas that Seasalt isn’t traditional and therefore doesn’t serve traditional tacos, I do think these tacos would be so much better served on corn tortillas. That said, the fillings are generally delicious and the portion sizes are more than generous. Each taco comes with a pot of tasty cherry tomato salsa and is priced at $50 for one, or $120 for two with chips or salad, or $130 for two with corn chips and salsa.

seasalt fish and chips and taco bar hong kong

My advice to you is to forget the corn chips and salsa – they tasted like Doritos with the matching Doritos salsa. Whilst I do love Doritos, I can have these at home any day, and would have expected something a little more fresh. Do, however, go for the sweet potato wedges, but be prepared to get addicted.

So there you have it – not only can you go to Seasalt for your fish and chip fix (or grilled fish with brown rice for those watching their waistlines), but you can now also go any night of the week for your fish taco fix too!

Seasalt Fish & Chips + Taco Bar

23 Mosque Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2790 7211

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