common ground hong kong

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I decided to find a quiet spot that had wifi, where I could while away the hours, have some lunch and get some serious writing done. Brand new Common Ground on Shing Wong Street, just up the steps from Oolaa, fit the part perfectly.

This quirky shop cum café is owned by Joshua and Caleb, the twins behind Twins Kitchen, and their friends, brothers Laz and Sean of Protest Design Company. It’s a small space with limited seating and a kitchen perhaps smaller than any of your kitchens, yet I absolutely love it.

common ground hong kong

The team of four have made this little space into a very cool hangout. It sells unique jewellery and fashion accessories, plays very chilled music (including music by Caleb’s lovely girlfriend, Shiren, if you ask her nicely), and generally exudes the kind of atmosphere that makes it impossible not to want to spend hours there.

common ground hong kong

The décor is unique and adorable; shelves and tables are made of scrap wood, chairs are mismatching, exposed light bulbs hang from the ceiling, whilst cute little jars masquerading as plant pots adorn every surface.

The food and drink menu is currently very limited, given they are still only in soft opening phase, however the few things it does have are well-executed and don’t leave you wanting more; I don’t actually think the menu need be much longer.

common ground hong kong

I opted for the scrambled eggs, following Caleb’s recommendation. This is not usually something I order out, as I rarely find a place that beats homemade scrambled eggs. However, these creamy, decadently delicious eggs, served simply with a spoon and pieces of toasted rosemary ciabatta, put my homemade eggs to shame. Apparently the secret to making them so incredibly creamy is to cook them in a bain-marie as opposed to using direct heat. I know where to find good hangover food the next time I need it.

The salted hot chocolate was also divine, with just the right level of savoury to balance the rich chocolate. After a hardcore Pilates class, I thought I deserved just a little bit of indulgence.

I spent four hours at Common Ground that day; I kept meaning to leave, yet something about the cosy atmosphere, friendly service and incredibly interesting people I met (including a singer, an artist, the owner of Teakha and a Chinese caligraphy artist) made leaving a bit of a challenge. I look forward to spending many a pleasant afternoon at Common Ground in future…

Common Ground
19 Shing Wong Street
Hong Kong

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  1. mariko

    Just stumbled upon this very cool shop and cafe today…i could see this tiny space was full of something they truely want to show and share..every small detail has been carefully chosen and taken care of. i want to see this kind of places more in hong kong. independent and unique. Will frequent.

    • thedimsumdiaries

      Hi Mariko, thanks for your comment. It is such a lovely place, isn’t it? Glad to hear you like it! Hong Kong definitely needs more places just like this – I’ll keep my eyes open and share them with you if I find any. :)


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