If you love pizza as much as the next guy, you will need to get yourself over to Mercato during the course of the latest series of The Great Pizza Bake Off to sample some one-of-a-kind, exclusive pizza creations put together by teams of chefs and food writers.

This is the second series of The Great Pizza Bake Off, the first of which was a huge success last year, and features some very interesting pizzas indeed. Every two weeks (allowing breaks for CNY and Easter), a chef from one of Hong Kong’s most popular restaurants goes head to head with a food writer, serving their choice of pizza. The two pizzas are then available for two weeks, only at the host restaurant, Mercato by Jean-Georges, which just so happens to be one of my favourites. The pizza that is ordered the most times during the course of its promotion will be the winner!

The first round kicked off on Monday between Chef Nick Chew from Serge et le Phoque and Connie Kwan and Winnia Lai from Eat and Travel Weekly. Chef Nick’s Tentacle Pizza and Team E&TW’s Marco Polo Pizza will both be available until 11th February 2018. Having sampled both of these myself, I can tell you they are definitely worth trying.


The Tentacle Pizza is like nothing you will ever taste, made with grilled octopus, tobiko, lime gel and siracha mayo… admittedly this combination is a little scary on a pizza, but once you get past that, it’s actually really tasty.


The Marco Polo Pizza meanwhile is a little more of a familiar flavour and was easily the more popular choice at our table. This is topped with smoked Taiwanese pork belly, Sichuan bean paste, tomato coulis and Thai pesto. The first bite seems a little salty, but this thought is quickly replaced with a feeling of comfort and happiness.

Here’s the full line up of chefs and food writers:

29th January to 11th February

Chef Nick Chew from Serge et le Phoque vs. Connie Kwan + Winnia Lai from Eat & Travel Weekly

26th February to 11th March

Chef Olivier Elzer from W Hong Kong vs. KC Koo + Gloria Tsang from Fancook Production Company

12th March to 25th March

Chef Son Tham from Co Than Restaurant vs. Roxanne Dowell + Annabel Simpson from Sassy Hong Kong

9th April to 22nd April

Chef Anthony Burd from Mercato by Jean-Georges vs. Michael Connelly from Lifestyle Asia

23rd April to 6th May

Chef Peggy Chan from Grassroots Pantry vs. Agung Prawobo from The Old Man

great-pizza-bake-off-hong-kong-mercato-homemade-ricotta great-pizza-bake-off-hong-kong-mercato-desserts

While you’re at Mercato, it would be silly not to sample some of the restaurant’s own delicious dishes as well, particularly the homemade ricotta with cranberry and olive oil, which is one of my all-time favourite dishes. And, of course, you have to save space for dessert, as the hazelnut chocolate soufflé and the warm apple cinnamon crumble are exceptional.

The Great Pizza Bake Off runs from now until 6th May 2018, only at Mercato by Jean-Georges – 8/F California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3706 8567

For more information, visit

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