the breakfast cupcake recipe

Have you heard about The Breakfast Cupcake? It seems to be what everyone is talking about these days, and quite rightly too. I came across it when my brother sent me a link to a recipe and right then I knew that I absolutely had to try one. Obviously the fact that I’m not eating wheat at the moment could have got in the way of this, but I didn’t see why replacing bread with gluten-free bread would be an issue. I immediately got in touch with Ifat from Choice Cooperative, because I think her gluten-free bread is the best in town, and managed to get hold of a lovely loaf of lemon and poppy seed bread just in time for the weekend.

Saturday morning came, and after a run up to The Peak, the anticipation was even greater and we felt even more deserving of a decent brekkie. These Breakfast Cupcakes may just be one of the best creations that ever there was. I have since made them again using individual ramekins and am having to refrain from making them for breakfast every day. Seriously, they are that good.

The fun thing is that you can use whatever you like as fillings, or just use up leftovers.

Here are the essentials (for 2 people):

1-2 slices of your choice of bread (depending on size)
2 eggs
4 rashers back bacon
Your choice of filling(s)
Salt and pepper


1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C and butter as many moulds of your cupcake tin as you are using. This can also be done with individual ramekins.
the breakfast cupcake recipe

2. Lay out your slices of bread and use a small glass as a stencil to cut around and make 2 circles.

3. Place a circle of bread at the bottom of the cupcake moulds.

the breakfast cupcake recipe

4. Fry the bacon in a frying pan until just cooked, but not crispy. Then wrap it around the edges of the cupcake pan. You may find one piece of bacon is enough, but in our case we definitely needed two to get the full way around the circle.

5. Add whatever fillings you choose. We used loads of grated cheese and sundried tomatoes. You could add mushrooms, tomatoes, meat, onions, peppers – literally whatever you like.

the breakfast cupcake recipe

6. Carefully break an egg on top, making sure to keep it within the bacon boundary.

7. Season with salt and pepper and a sprinkling more of cheese (if using).

8. Bake in the oven for no more than 15 minutes to keep the egg nice and runny (more if you like your egg hard).

the breakfast cupcake recipe

9. Carefully remove from the cupcake moulds, sprinkle with more cheese (you can never have too much) and enjoy! Trust me, you definitely will.

I think you already know what you’ll be having for breakfast at the weekend (or now if you haven’t yet eaten!). To all of you unfortunate souls who don’t have an oven, find your nearest friend who does and take over their kitchen.

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