Naughty nuris batubelig bali

To celebrate my sister’s birthday in Bali, we opted not for a Balinese restaurant (although we know these are good from my previous trip, reviewed here), but for a much naughtier option: Naughty Nuri’s in Batubelig.

Naughty Nuri’s is famous for its “wicked ribs and brutal martinis”, so it was definitely the perfect place to go with a group of 20 to celebrate such a momentous birthday. Despite not being able to reserve a table, we stomped our feet, raised our voices, and eventually managed to land ourselves the biggest table in the house, albeit at rather a tight squeeze.

There is nothing fancy about this restaurant; it classes itself as a warung, a casual family-owned café with wooden tables and benches. Yet when the emphasis is on the ribs and martinis, who cares about the surroundings?

Over the course of the evening, we ordered four rounds of lychee martinis, each impossibly stronger than the last. The fun isn’t just in drinking the cocktails, but in watching the staff perform a hilarious dance as they shake up the cocktails tableside. If you know my brother, ask him for a demonstration – he knows the moves better than anyone!

Food-wise, we massively over-ordered, asking for ten servings of each of the following: pork chops, tuna steaks, chicken, corn on the cobs, potato wedges, and, of course, ribs. A little excessive you say? Perhaps, but we needed something to soak up the industrial-strength martinis.

naughty nuri's batubelig bali

Everything was pretty tasty, but I feel a special mention needs to go to the pork chops. I had no qualms about picking up the bone and finishing off every last piece of meat, for fear that any should be left to waste. The meat was succulent, bursting with flavour, and I encountered barely an ounce of fat.

naughty nuri's batubelig bali

I had initially planned on ignoring the tuna steaks: when one has ten racks of ribs, what use is there for healthy fish, right? Wrong. The tuna was cooked to perfection, lightly seared on each side leaving the middle wonderfully juicy. I was grateful everyone else had the same initial idea as me, meaning there were plenty of leftovers for the next day. (Surprisingly it still tasted good straight out of the fridge without reheating.)

naughty nuri's batubelig bali

You’ll be pleased to hear that the best part of the meal was of course the ribs. Cooked on the roadside barbecue, they were so tasty and tender that in fact not one single rib made it back to our villa in the doggy bag; a fact that provoked many a moan the next day.

Bearing in mind that each martini cost IDR110,000 alone, and the fact that we had excesses of food, somehow (with a little help from a Naughty Nuri’s VIP card – I should get me one of those) the bill per head was a mere IDR600,000 (approximately HKD500). We might as well have had another couple of lychee martinis!

Normally when visiting any Asian country, I like to embrace said country’s culture and cuisine, and indeed I frown upon anybody who doesn’t. Yet Naughty Nuri’s has shown a definite exception to this rule; we could not possibly have had a better night anywhere else if we’d tried.

Naughty Nuri’s

Jalan Batubelig 41
Kerobokan Kelod

(Original outlet in Ubud)

Tel: +62 361 847 6722

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