I was invited to the media preview of ‘A Nordic Autumn’ at FINDS, a five-course menu tasting extravaganza. Having only just started work and begun to re-accustom my body to the early mornings, the thought of the trek across to the dark side filled me with dread…until I remembered how good the food was last time (see review here) and how good it would inevitably be this time. So, once more, I bit the bullet and off to the dark side I went.

I liked the décor the first time round, but it seemed to feel even cosier in the evening. I was informed that the reason for the wooden beams and almost tree-like design was that they wanted to bring the outside world inside.

FINDS changes its menu seasonally, with only the freshest ingredients sourced by Head Chef Jaako Sorsa himself. Although it’s still fairly swelteringly hot, we have all noticed how the weather has changed and milder autumn days have begun to show their faces; The ‘Nordic Autumn’ menu reflects this perfectly.

The meal kicked off with a King crab and beetroot starter – light and delicate, a mouth-watering contrast between the juicy beetroot, the soft fleshy crab and the crunchy toasted walnuts and white asparagus. Beautiful.

Jaako then had a little surprise up his sleeve for us that wasn’t on the menu. He brought out his “salmon trolley” and carved up three different types of salmon for us to share: regular smoked salmon, beetroot infused smoked salmon, and one called ‘pastrami’, which in fact has nothing to do with pastrami as we know it, but is coated in a pepper crust. To complement these delicious cuts of salmon, a smoked salmon mousse and a dill and mustard sauce were also offered to us. FINDS is famous for its smoked salmon, going through over 6,000kg in a year, and now I can understand why it is so popular.

Next up was a slow-braised wagyu cheek and smoked wagyu tongue. The thought of eating tongue has never particularly appealed to me and nor was I overjoyed by the flavour. However, provided I didn’t think about it and provided I didn’t look down and see the ridges and bobbles I know to associate with a tongue, it wasn’t too awful. The cheek, on the other hand, was delicious; a wafer-thin piece beautifully paired with tarragon carrots and spiced apples.

The poached North Sea cod fillet was light and comforting, matched perfectly with the rich and earthy flavours of porcini and green lentils.

The star of the show was hands-down the venison tenderloin filled with wild mushrooms. ‘Tender’ loin is an understatement as the venison was perfectly pink and simply melted in the mouth. There was definitely silence around the table as we all devoured it.

Just in case we were still hungry, we were served a fresh pear and raspberry terrine with caramel ice cream, a cloudberry crème brulée and a shot of Godiva liqueur. Wow, wow and wow.

As the ‘cooler’ days draw in and you start to crave some rich, warm comfort food, be brave, cross the harbour and go and try Jaako’s autumn treats. I’m sure the winter menu will be just as tasty, but the autumn menu should definitely not be missed!


1/F The Luxe Manor
39 Kimberley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: +852 2522 9318



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