In a land far, far away from the little bubble that is Hong Kong Island there is an age-old gem of a restaurant serving up the most delicious roast goose…

Scrap that, as in fact, by public transport, it can be reached in under 30 minutes and by taxi in even less than that, so this delicious roast goose is actually much more accessible than you’d think.

Yue Kee has been renowned for its amazing charcoal roast goose (reared in their very own goose farm in Guandong) since 1958 when it started as a teeny little shack in Sham Tseng. It is now quite an institution, although surprisingly I had never before been. Now that I have though, I’m already craving going back!

As you approach the restaurant, that incredible smell fills the air, beckoning you to enter, daring you to resist. As expected in any Chinese resto, the birds are displayed at the front, hanging from a rail for all to see, behind the proud, grinning chefs, some of whom look as if they’ve been there since the very beginning.

We were seven and were therefore advised that we would need one whole goose. Gary the goose (as I decided he was to be called) was enormous, served on two plates, suddenly making us feel a little greedy! Nevertheless, we managed pretty well and ate almost all of Gary who was perfectly succulent and very, very moreish. Served with steamed rice, I almost asked for soy sauce, before realising that pouring some of the goose juice (or fat, whatever you like to call it) over the rice was a perfect meal in itself!

Charcoal roast goose

Equally as delicious were the prawns with garlic. Or rather garlic with prawns. I LOVE garlic, and this dish was absolutely coated in it. What remained on the plate was quickly scooped up and mixed in with the remainder of my rice. Amazing.

Garlic prawns

Salt and pepper squid is one of my all time favourite dishes, and Yue Kee’s did not disappoint. I would have liked a few more crispy tentacles but I suppose we can’t always get what we want.

Sweet and sour pork would never be my chosen dish as the pork is always chewy and I’m never quite sure if the “pork” has ever in fact come into contact with a pig. At Yue Kee, however, rather than big cubes of pork, you are given thin slices that are far from chewy.

As we were at a goose restaurant, we of course had to try other parts of the goose, namely the kidneys and the intestines. I say I eat anything, but there are limits to this, and kidney and intestine are usually way past those limits. However, when in Rome… The kidney was awful and, to me, actually tasted like blood. The intestine on the other hand was disappointingly actually quite tasty as all I could taste was the delicious black bean sauce. I did not, however, go as far as to taste the goose brains, as a couple of my fellow diners did. That would be light years from the limit.

Goose kidney and intestine in black bean sauce

Prawn, squid and scallop with cashew nuts – bliss. Steamed Chinese vegetables sprinkled with bacon – divine and necessary to make us feel slightly less unhealthy! Finished off with a complimentary bowl of sago each to cleanse the palate.

One of my favourite things about this restaurant is the crockery. There is a little Gary on all the plates, bowls and even the little peanut bowls. Which of course I did not pinch. Who does that?!

Service at Yue Kee I would say is better than most Chinese restaurants in the same category – the waiters actually smile! Total bill for a tremendous amount of food was just under $200 a head.

A selection from Lucky Desserts

As if we hadn’t eaten enough, we trundled down the road (in the pouring rain) to Lucky Desserts. I seriously recommend saving space for this place. The desserts are incredible: from banana and chocolate pancake rolls, to durian (bleurgh) rolls, to shaved ice, to an endless list of sagos, to mango sticky rice rolls – all amazing and well worth the extra five million calories.

Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant

9 Sham Hong Road
Sham Tseng
New Territories
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2491 0105

Date visited: Wednesday 10th August 2011

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