Secret Ingredient

secretingredient-image Ever since I was little, I have always loved cooking. I used to make every effort I could to do a big supermarket shop and cook yummy meals most days, whether just for myself or for small dinner parties. Now,Read more

Morrocan Chicken and Lemon Soup

img_1465 On my sister’s first night back in England (and possibly the warmest day we’ve had in a while!) she requested soup for dinner. I had been looking through cookbooks most of the afternoon anyway to find recipes for my birthdayRead more

Laab Moo

photo-35   I’m currently back in England for a nice three-week holiday while I’m “in between jobs.” Having landed at the crack of dawn after a very uncomfortable flight, the first thing my dad told me on the car journey homeRead more

Mummy’s Chicken Soup

chicken-soup1 I have been bedridden for the past three days suffering from bronchitis, only allowed to leave the house for a brief visit to the doctors. Thus I have been unable to continue with my task of checking out new restaurantsRead more