aberdeen street hong kong

The suitably named Aberdeen Street, located exactly where you’d expect it to be, is a fun little gem close enough for convenience but far enough to be away from the crowds.

aberdeen street hong kong

Aberdeen Street’s predecessor, Cheri Cheri, was always popular for its location, but ask anyone about the décor and, more importantly, the food, and they would without fail pull a ‘lets-not-talk-about-it’ face.

aberdeen street hong kong

Now, however, the place is lovely. With less clutter and more clean finishings, it looks much bigger than before, particularly as the terrace has been cleared, re-floored and furnished so that patrons can take advantage of this space, at least while its not too hot.

Mediterranean restaurant by day, bar by night; Aberdeen Street is a casual, fun hangout, suitable for adults and children alike (though perhaps not at night), where everyone can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, great music and, if they so wish, even draw on the blackboards.

The menu is designed for sharing, in line with its relaxed vibe. Whether you’re in the mood for tapas-style nibbles or bigger sharing portions (which also double up as individual main courses for those selfish folk), there’s generally something to please everyone.

aberdeen street hong kong

We began with a few tapas dishes, the first of which were the eggplant and prosciutto rolls. These little bites of goodness were very simple, yet utterly moreish, finished with a sprinkle of Parmesan, basil and tomato.

aberdeen street hong kong

Next came the goat’s cheese spring rolls – or The Asian Goat, as they are adorably named. Again, these were as simple as could be, but who can complain about creamy, melted goat’s cheese, encased in crispy spring roll skin? Perhaps some kind of dipping sauce could have been offered, but in reality, the cheese alone was perfect.

aberdeen street hong kong

Given that Aberdeen Street prides itself on its burgers, we couldn’t resist trying the Burgy Couple – a mini version of the signature Aberdeen and SoHo burgers. The former, instead of being a standard beef patty, was made with grilled steak tartar, making it even more juicy and delicious, paired with yet more creamy goat’s cheese. The latter contained succulent grilled chicken and Camembert with sweet onion jam. If these little versions are anything to go by, then I can understand why the full-sized burgers are so highly praised.

aberdeen street hong kong

A page full of salads are each named after streets in SoHo. Tempted by the Staunton Street and the Hollywood Road, we decided on the Old Bailey Street salad, a colourful medley of couscous, chilli prawns, peppers, cucumber, tomato, feta, watermelon and mixed leaves. Even if sharing is against your principles, I advise you not to tackle this humungous salad alone, for it will most certainly defeat you. With a drizzle of ‘bikini time’ dressing (Greek yoghurt, basil and lime), the salad was light and refreshing (bar the odd rather bitter leaf) and would make the perfect summertime meal on the beautiful terrace.

aberdeen street hong kongWe couldn’t resist a steaming bowl of mussels and were recommended to try the ‘Gran Pa’ ones, with blue cheese, bacon and white wine. The mussels were tasty, fresh and sizeable, whilst the sauce, despite being a tad on the rich side, was divine. A mussel, a piece of salty bacon and one of the accompanying sautéed potatoes was the ultimate mouthful. The potatoes on their own were a little too oily for my liking, but not a deal breaker.

aberdeen street hong kong

To finish, we shared a salted caramel mousse. Topped with crunchy Rice Krispies, this dessert was lovely and light, with a satisfying yet subtle salty-sweet contrast.

Prices for tapas linger around $58 each, whilst larger plates range from $88 to $248. There is also the option of a three-course set lunch for a reasonable $118.

Every weekend, Aberdeen Street offers its self-explanatory ‘Drunch’, with fun-named dishes such as ‘A Light Night’ or ‘The Walk of Shame,’ to suit your level of hangover.

In short, Aberdeen Street is a fun, casual spot that offers something a little different to the rest of SoHo, with service to match. Next time I have ‘Just a Disaster’ of a night, I may have to try the Drunch to see if it helps!

Aberdeen Street

UG/F King Ho Building
41-49 Aberdeen Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2546 5833


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