After almost eight years in Hong Kong, the time has come to leave this amazing place and relocate to London. So, it is with a very heavy heart that I must say goodbye to Hong Kong’s delicious restaurants and see what restaurants London has to offer.

Many have asked me what I plan to do with The Dim Sum Diaries; if I will sell it, or change its name to make it more relevant to London. Well, I plan to do neither of these things. The Dim Sum Diaries has been my baby for over seven years now. It has grown and developed with me over this time and the thought of passing it on to someone else fills me with all sorts of unhappy feelings. Therefore, The Dim Sum Diaries will continue as it is, just with a focus on London restaurants instead! It is also likely that I will have less time to write restaurant reviews, given that we have a little person on the way in two months’ time, but I do plan to educate him on the joys of good eating from an early age!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has supported The Dim Sum Diaries in Hong Kong over the past seven plus years: to my loyal readers who value my opinion; to my friends and family who patiently wait for photos to be taken before being allowed to eat; and to all the amazing restaurants that have kept my belly full and satisfied over the years. Thank you all, you will be dearly missed.

I will continue to keep abreast of what’s going on in the Hong Kong food scene, so that when I come back to visit I can cram as many meals as possible into each day and do the occasional Hong Kong restaurant review! I know changes happen all the time here, so I hope that when I come back, I am still able to visit some of my favourite places.

Speaking of favourites, perhaps it is fitting that I leave you with my go-to list of restaurants for all occasions. I’m sure I have missed a few, but these should keep you busy when I’m gone:


Gia Trattoria Italiana for good quality, delicious and authentic Italian food without super high price tags (Giando is the pricier version, but I haven’t actually been yet). Pici for amazing fresh pasta. Amalfitana for great pizza by the sea. 208 as a trusty, easy choice for pizza and drinks. Mercato for that incredible ricotta dish… Alvy’s for yummy (more American-style) pizza in K Town. Pirata for simple yet delicious Italian.


My all-time favourite is Le Bistro Winebeast, which serves French-style ‘tapas’ to share and affordable wines. Comptoir for a casual date night in K Town. La Cantoche for French-style comfort food in a quirky setting. Scarlett Café in TST.


Buenos Aires Polo Club without a doubt. MEATS, not necessarily for the steak but for everything meaty.


Ho Le Fook is always a favourite and great for taking out-of-towners. Bistro Manchu (or whatever it’s called now) is an old-school classic. Red Pepper for big groups. Above and Beyond for fine dining Chinese. Sohofama for “healthier” dumplings. Maxims at City Hall for dim sum that’s great for visitors. Lung King Heen for Michelin-starred Chinese.

South American:

TokyoLima for Peruvian-Japanese. 11 Westside for great tacos and churros. Chino for Mexican-Japanese. Brickhouse for casual Mexican with a fun vibe. El Loco Gringo for the party vibe and lethal margaritas.

Quick lunches:

Fresca for decent salads. BEP for Vietnamese. Maison Libanaise downstairs area if you’re in a rush, or upstairs for a great set lunch. Kale for good salad boxes (that don’t have to involve kale!).


It has to be Beef & Liberty.

Fine Dining:

New favourite is Uwe on Hollywood Road. Gough’s on Gough for a good date night. Arcane blew my mind. Cafe Gray is always a good date night spot with a view. I haven’t been with the new chef, but I always loved Twenty Six by Liberty with all its previous chefs.


Catch in Kennedy Town for Aussie-style breakfast. Elementary in Tai Hang (by the same team as Catch). Zuma for free-flow Champagne and Japanese. Kitchen at the W for free-flow and insane buffet spread. TokyoLima for free-flow and Peruvian-Japanese brought to the table. Porterhouse for good value brunch. Jinjuu for delicious Korean brunch brought to the table. The Optimist for Spanish-style grill.


Grassroots Pantry for food so delicious that even carnivores love it. Mana for a veggie-filled wrap. Fresca for a quick grab and go salad.


BlackSalt for Asian-influenced deliciousness (also great for brunch). Yardbird for the vibe and the delicious yakitori. Chachawan for excellent Thai that’s not your typical Thai food. Rhoda for grilled meats and seafood, also great for Sunday roast. Stone Nullah Tavern for New American comfort food. Bakehouse for all things pastry – particularly love the croissants and the cookies! It’s also a great breakfast or lunch spot.


Thank you all again for your support over the years. If anyone has any London restaurant recommendations, please do send them my way! Until next time, happy eating!

10 Responses to “Goodbye Hong Kong Restaurants; It’s Time to Eat London!”

  1. Patrick

    Sorry to hear you are leaving HK. I’ve really enjoyed your reviews. Enjoy London.

  2. Adrian Ho

    When I visit London in the future I will count on your recommendations, stay hungry!

  3. Kat

    Hey Ale, congrats on the little en! Looking forward to seeing your London eat reviews. Best of luck xx

  4. Rob

    Sorry you’re leaving! DSD has, for a long time, been my go-to place to find new and interesting places to eat! What to do now?


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