If you read my recent post about my hunt for the best cookies in Hong Kong, you’ll know that I am quite partial to a cookie or three. Coincidentally, around the same time that I was going through my strongest cookie cravings, I was contacted by Anaïs Beloubad, who was just about to launch her very own cookie company, LALLA.

With Moroccan, French and Italian roots, Anaïs grew up learning to cook from her two grandmothers, who taught her all about the flavours of the Mediterranean and the Middle-East. This Spring, Anaïs created LALLA (which is the Arabic-Moroccan word used to address older women, such as grandmothers, as a sign of respect) as an ode to her grandmothers, her love of cooking and her cultural heritage.


LALLA cookies are handmade in Hong Kong, using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, such as rose water and orange blossom from Morocco, butter and flour from France, pistachios from Iran and almonds from California. They are baked and packaged on location and delivered to any address on Hong Kong Island or in Kowloon.

I was lucky enough to sample a selection of LALLA cookies just before they officially launched and was seriously impressed by both the beautiful packaging (which would make them an excellent gift) and the delicious flavours. They currently come in three different flavours, of which I tried two.


The Desert Snow cookies are made with almonds and orange blossom. They are comfortingly crumbly, with a sweet, moist and sticky centre. The almonds are blanched whole with their skins on and then peeled by hand in order to preserve their natural flavour and texture.

My favourites were the Sesame Rain, made with almonds and toasted white sesame to create a lovely sweet yet slightly savoury flavour that worked beautifully.

The third flavour, which I didn’t try this time, is Spring Blossom, blending Iranian pistachios with sweet rose.

All flavours of LALLA cookies consist of a 40-70% nut content, making them rich in natural oils and full of flavour. Surely this also means they’re high in protein too, which makes them kind of healthy…right?!

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that’s certainly unique, or need to give a gift that’s more special than just a box of chocolates, I would highly recommend placing an order online with LALLA. For a bag of 10 cookies, you’ll pay between HK$180 and HK$210, depending on the flavour, whilst the stunning gift boxes are HK$450 and either include two flavours and a tea light candle holder (as pictured above), or all three flavours.

For first time orders, Anaïs is offering a special 10% discount if you use the code FIRSTLALLA. Happy cookie eating!

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