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As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on all the delicious restaurants I’ve eaten at this year and pick out the best ones. Last year, if you remember, I compiled a shortlist of 20 restaurants and asked you all to vote for your favourite, before then selecting the final Top 10.

Since that worked very nicely last year and you were all so very helpful, I have decided to do the same this year.

Therefore, please see the list below, and in the comments section at the bottom of this post, please vote for the one that you think definitely deserves to make it onto the final list. The one that gets the most votes will be listed as the “People’s Choice”.

Votes will be counted up to and including Wednesday 23rd December. Any votes submitted after this date will not be counted. The final list of Top 10 Restaurants of 2015 will be announced at the start of 2016. Get voting!

Here’s my list of the best 20 restaurants I have reviewed this year in the order in which they were reviewed (each one links directly to my review of that restaurant):

Quest by Que


The Continental

Café Gray Deluxe

Hige Izakaya



Dine Art

La Paloma

The Walrus

El Loco Gringo

Sunday’s Grocery

Viet Kitchen

Mr & Mrs Fox



Twenty Six By Liberty

The Optimist


Fishsteria Seafood Place


Thank you!! :)

164 Responses to “Top 10 of 2015 – Shortlist – Vote now!”

  1. Andre Cheung

    It is so hard to choose among them. I would either go for The Continent or The Tartine.
    But if really to vote for one, I will put The Continent at the first priority :)

  2. Mark

    It misses only an amazing italian panorama for you to feel like you are eating in Italy.
    Great experience and great staff.

  3. Istinna

    I would vote for Fishteria Seafood Place. The food is excellent, the wines are great and the service is superb!

  4. Roberto Guidetti

    I vote for Fishteria best fish in town great ingredients great people and reassurance if Gianni Caprioli’s talent behind it !

  5. Sheila

    Fishsteria Seafood Place. They use fresh and quality ingredients and done in the simplicity of perfection.

  6. Jd

    Fishsteria seafood place …
    great bar oysters ever …and best sea salt rust sea bass ever!

  7. Sheila

    FISHSTERIA is the place…….overall experience in terms of food (freshness, quality, taste), hygiene (servers without bad body odour, clean teeth, clean toilet), ambience (relax elegance, clean, unpretentious), service (good).

  8. Victor

    Definitely La Paloma. Good honest food cooked like my Grandmother would do it. Genuine Spanish at its best. Don’t dare to miss it!

  9. Nicholas Ng

    I’m from Kuala Lumpur and will be making a trip to Hong Kong in march and this looks like a great starter point for me to make a Hong Kong food guide. Great ideas already brewing. :)

    • gianni

      Hey Nicholas
      Fishsteria for sure is must ..Plus for italian you should visit Giando or Gia’ Trattoria or Both

      Have Great Time

    • Ale Wilkinson

      Hi Nicholas, thanks for your comment. I hope you have a great trip to HK – there are certainly a lot of great options for where to eat! If you need any specific recommendations please do not hesitate to contact me. All the best, Ale


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