sunday's grocery hong kong

We have recently discovered yet another good thing about living near Kennedy Town: Sunday’s Grocery. I don’t know how it took us so long to finally try it, but since then we have been making up for lost time and have pretty much made it a routine weekend activity.

Sunday’s Grocery is owned by Matt Abergel and Lindsay Jang, the owners of ever-popular Yardbird and Ronin. These two seem to know exactly how to create a buzz and have done just that with Sunday’s Grocery. This little spot on Catchick Street is not a restaurant at all – it’s merely a liquor store slash convenience store that sells damn good takeaway sandwiches. There isn’t anywhere to sit, so you can either stand at the counter inside, perch on some empty beer crates outside, or grab your sandwich and take it to the waterfront for a makeshift picnic.

Stacked high on one wall is an array of Japanese whisky, sake, shochu, beer, wine and small batch spirits, whilst on the opposite wall you can find coffee and coffee paraphernalia, a charcoal kushiyaki grill, soaps, candles and more interesting yet random bits and bobs.

sunday's grocery hong kong

Forget all that stuff and go straight to the counter to order your food. The selection is limited to a small list of sandwiches, fried chicken and some sides. As an extention of what these guys are already doing, there’s clearly a Japanese influence that creeps onto the menu, but you’ll also find hints of other cuisines here and there as well.

sunday's grocery hong kong

On our first trip to Sunday’s Grocery, we tried the roast pork sandwich. The pork was deliciously juicy, topped with red cabbage and avocado, and carried a tasty Mexican flavour.

sunday's grocery hong kong

The chicken schnitzel was the real winner, however. Here, the gorgeously tender breaded chicken was topped with lettuce, tomato and pickles, smothered in sweet kewpie mayo that brought it all together.

sunday's grocery hong kong

It was so good that we went back the following week for another taste. In the interim week we found out that Sunday’s Grocery also offers gluten-free bread, made by Ifat Hindes’ company, Choice Healthy Foods. In my opinion, this is easily the best gluten-free bread in Hong Kong. It takes a while longer to prepare the gluten-free sandwiches, but they were definitely worth the wait.

sunday's grocery hong kong

We also tried the banh mi with gluten-free bread. This was another delicious sandwich, made with chicken liver pâté, sous-vide chicken, thinly sliced veggies and sriracha kewpie mayo.

Whilst waiting for your sandwiches to be prepared, snack on the market chips, and you definitely won’t regret it. These vegetable crisps are drizzled in Okinawa black sugar syrup, giving them that sweet-salty contrast that is impossible to resist.

Sandwiches at Sunday’s Grocery are all around $80 a piece, which is pretty fair for the quality, creativity and deliciousness of them. As I said, this is definitely one of the many highlights of living near K Town!

Sunday’s Grocery

66-68 Catchick Street
Kennedy Town
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2628 6001

Closed on Mondays

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