burger circus hong kong

Crazes come and go in this city. Yet there is one craze that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, and that is the burger craze. Whether you’re young, old, male, female, rich or poor, everyone loves a good burger. I once witnessed an Indonesian boat driver eating his first ever burger, and, although his only description of it was that it was “funny food,” the smile on this face is one I will never forget. Naturally, therefore, restaurateurs here in Hong Kong are on a mission to create the ultimate burger joint, the latest of these being Black Sheep Restaurants’ Burger Circus.

burger circus hong kong

Modelled on an old-school American diner, with classic wooden booth seating, cute old-school uniforms and retro tunes blaring out, Burger Circus definitely looks the part. But does it taste the part too?

The menu offers quite a large selection of burgers, sides, desserts and milkshakes, in line with a true American diner. The burgers are mostly all variations on the same theme, some with the addition of bacon, or an egg, or pickled beetroot, for example, whilst there are also a couple of non-beef (though no strictly vegetarian) options.

burger circus hong kong

We tried both The Circus Burger and The Magician’s Maytag Blue. Just to be a little bit different, the burgers are served on their side in little cardboard boxes. Whilst this is a nice idea and means that you can see the ingredients all stacked up on top of each other, it makes it very messy to eat, as all the juices inevitably run straight to the bottom of the box, only to dribble down your hands, arms and even clothing. Perhaps in so doing, the idea is to avoid the bun getting soggy, but if so, it’s an unsuccessful theory, as the buns were still very soggy.


I love blue cheese, hence why I wanted to try The Magician’s Maytag Blue. Yet, even for a blue cheese lover, the flavour here was overpowering. The highlight of a burger should always be the beef itself, yet here I could barely even taste the beef, or the bacon for that matter; it might as well have been a blue cheese sandwich.

burger circus hong kong

The Circus Burger fared better, yet I wasn’t a huge fan of the Circus Sauce, which was too Ketchupy for my liking (note: I loathe Ketchup) and again overpowered the flavour of the beef, the bacon and the American cheese.

The thick-cut fries weren’t exactly what I would call “thick-cut,” but they were certainly delicious, perfectly crispy and well-seasoned.

Unfortunately our decision to give up sugar for Lent meant that we couldn’t try a dessert or a milkshake, but given that desserts range from a hot fudge sundae, to a banana cream pie, and milkshakes can pretty much be made from the dessert of your choice, our waistlines are probably grateful for the sugar ban!

Prices at Burger Circus aren’t expensive per se, with burgers ranging from $68 to $98, but still perhaps a little steep for the quality of the burger. Personally, I’m not your typical fast-food kind of girl and tend to prefer a more gourmet burger than what’s on offer at Burger Circus, so can’t really see myself returning in the near future…unless of course they open late into the night for a post-drinks snack…

Burger Circus

22 Hollywood Road
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2878 7787


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