raw vegan cheesecake recipe

Everyone loves cheesecake, but there’s no escaping the fact that it’s far from healthy. I allow myself a forkful here, a slice there every so often, but never do I eat it without feeling at least a little bit guilty.

I’ve always been a bit against the idea of desserts that claim to be something they’re not. Vegan ‘cheesecake’ for example – there’s no cheese in it, so how can it call itself a cheesecake? As I learnt when I made those delicious sweet potato brownies, however, once you get over the fact that it’s not trying to be the original version of itself, you’ll see that it’s actually pretty tasty, and you don’t have to feel as guilty when eating it!

I’m not even attempting to suggest that cashew nuts could ever be as delicious as cheese, yet this ‘cheesecake’ is quite something. You could vary the recipe by adding blueberries or strawberries, or omitting the berries altogether, and you can replace the macadamias with almonds, since they’re easier to get hold of and cheaper.


For the crust:

1 cup walnuts
1 cup macadamia nuts
½ cup pitted medjool dates
¼ cup desiccated coconut

For the filling:

3 cups raw cashew nuts (soak for a few hours or overnight if possible)
1 cup raspberries
¾ cup lemon juice
½ cup water
1 tbsp Manuka honey
¼ cup runny honey
¼ cup desiccated coconut
1 cup melted coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
a pinch of salt

For the raspberry sauce:

1 cup raspberries
½ cup pitted medjool dates
Juice of 1 lemon


1. Sprinkle the desiccated coconut onto the base of a springform cake tin.

raw vegan cheesecake recipe

2. Blend the walnuts, macadamias and dates in a blender until finely processed and then press down onto the base of the cake tin, on top of the coconut.

3. Blend the ingredients for the filling until smooth and pour onto the crust, smoothing it with a spatula.

4. Place the cake tin flat in the freezer to set and leave it for as long as you can. It will set in a couple of hours, but leave it for a couple longer if you can to give it a firmer consistency

raw vegan cheesecake recipe

5. When you can’t wait any longer, run a knife around the edge of the tin to loosen it from the sides, then unclip the spring and remove.

6. Make the sauce just before serving by blending the ingredients until smooth and then pour over the cake, spreading right to the edges with a spatula. Decorate with fresh raspberries and serve.

7. Enjoy! And then, since there’s nothing processed, no dairy, no sugar and no gluten, have a second slice!

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