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There seems to be an obsession in Hong Kong at the moment with juice cleanses. Somehow people seem to like the idea of starving themselves for five days and consuming only a few bottles of juice during that time. Not me, thank you; I like my food. Hyaku, the newest juice cleanse on the scene, does things slightly differently – instead of replacing your meals with juice, they suggest you complement your balanced diet with juice. When I was asked to try it out, I thought: now this is a juice cleanse designed for me, so naturally I accepted.

I always try, where possible, to eat healthily. Obviously there are times when I have to eat ten-course dinners (yes, really, I have no choice), and of course when trying new restaurants I obviously have to taste the dessert, but at all other times I do try and eat clean. I often, however, have weeks when I’m out for dinner every single night and my eating clean policy goes slightly out the window. At times like these I really feel the effects of overindulgence on my body and notice the lack of goodness in my diet. I feel tired, bloated and generally unproductive.

hyaku hong kong

Hyaku’s philosophy is to deliver you your required daily serving of fruit and vegetables in the form of cold-pressed juices with no added sugar, preservatives or anything. Each morning you receive a box with four 250ml bottles to give you the goodness you need throughout the day.

Each day, you get the following four juices: Crimson (beetroot, celery, carrot + daily fruit), Greens (cucumber, celery, romaine lettuce, spinach, pear + daily fruit), Ginger (ginger, pear + daily fruit) and Water+ (coconut water, filtered water + daily fruit). The base ingredients remain the same throughout the five days, but each day they are livened up with a different fruit. For example, Monday was watermelon day, so each juice contained its respective base ingredients, as well as watermelon. Tuesday was lime day, and so on.

Each juice has a different function: Crimson is designed to flush your body of toxins, Greens is designed to replenish your vitamins, Ginger restores your mental and physical stability, whilst Water+ keeps your body hydrated.

My favourite of the juices was surprisingly the Crimson juice. As I stated on Instagram, I never thought I’d like a juice that contained a base of mostly beetroot, but I became quite addicted to it. I also particularly liked the lime-based juices, which had a pleasant sharpness that made drinking spinach and kale juice more palatable.

How did I feel after the five days? Pretty good on the whole. It’s hard to say if the juices truly cleansed my body of all the badness I regularly put in it, but I certainly felt better for it. I had more energy, I didn’t feel as bloated and, perhaps most importantly in my case, if I ate a meal that consisted of mostly meat and carbs without many veggies (honestly, I have to for work!), then I didn’t feel as bad about it, knowing I’d already consumed more than my daily requirement of fruit and veg.

I didn’t realise this at the time I did my juice cleanse, but Hyaku will actually collect your used and rinsed bottles every Friday at the time of delivery. Over the five days I accumulated five cardboard boxes and 20 plastic bottles, which I felt extremely guilty about and took down to my building’s recycling bins. It’s good to know that Hyaku also has a conscience and considers the environment too.

I have to say that if ever I feel run down and out of sorts and need to inject my body with a little goodness, Hyaku is definitely the juice cleanse I would choose. I don’t appreciate anyone telling me I have to stop eating and can only drink juice, so in this sense I feel Hyaku actually understands my needs!

Hyaku offers three different plans – The Taster Plan (5 days, $780), The Demi Plan (10 days, $1480) or the Vivo Plan (20 days, $2800) – each of which includes free delivery to your home or office before midday on Monday to Friday.


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