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As I often say, sometimes the fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong can take its toll on our health. Perhaps my case is a little more extreme than others, but I think everyone at some stage comes to the realisation that here in HK we tend to have far more nights out than we have in, and often our bodies just crave real, organic, wholesome food. The good news is that more and more restaurants are catering to this need. Fuk Sau Lane, just off Third Street in Sai Ying Pun has quickly become a super healthy little area, first with my favourite veggie place Grassroots Pantry (and its newly launched sister Prune Organic Deli), and now also with Locofama, just across the road.

locofama hong kong

Locofama is both an organic restaurant and grocery shop opened by chef and nutritionist Justin Chan. Its mission, according to Justin, is: “to provide convenient, delicious, fresh, clean, nutritious meals and a wide range of products at an affordable price.” He insists that healthy meals needn’t be bland or boring, and neither do they need to be strictly vegetarian. Hear, hear!

Other than the sound of the handyman’s hammer (which we quickly put an end to by asking if it was entirely necessary), the atmosphere in this cute little eatery is calm and casual – a lovely escape from the craziness of Central. Its very simple décor of rustic wooden tables and an open kitchen gives it an airy, relaxed feel that complements the healthy menu.

locofama hong kong

Feeling like I should embrace the whole wellness thing, given my location, I tried the Brazilian Thunder juice, a blend of fresh greens, cinnamon, ginger, lemon and coconut water. It definitely made me feel healthy, but I think it may have been a little too green for me. That said, I did enjoy the chunks of fresh coconut that assured me I wasn’t just drinking a liquidised salad.

locofama hong kong

Speaking of salad, we tried the kale con guacamole salad, consisting of curly kale leaves, sunflower seeds, beetroot and cherry tomatoes, drizzled in sesame oil and soy sauce. Apparently somewhere in the mix there was also some guacamole, but we couldn’t find it and so had to ask for some extra guac on the side. The salad was fresh and tasty with a satisfying combination of textures. Although the guacamole was delicious and creamy, I personally think the salad would be better with chunks of fresh avocado that won’t get lost amongst the other ingredients. There’s also the option of adding some beef, tuna or chicken to the salad if you wish.

locofama hong kong

The black truffle poached egg with Norwegian smoked salmon, chia seeds and basil oil was beautiful. The egg itself was perfectly cooked (provided you appreciate runny eggs) and the flavours were lovely and delicate. Other than the slice of bread it is served with, there’s also the option of asking for gluten-free bread to mop up all the goodness.

locofama hong kong

Our favourite dish was without a doubt the tomato fried rice. The assorted mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, together with the mixed quinoa gave this dish a lovely medley of textures and we particularly loved the sprinkle of Parmesan and coriander on the top. It was so good that we were literally fighting over the last spoonful!

locofama hong kong

To round off a tasty yet healthy meal, we tried a scoop each of handmade tofu and sweet potato ice cream, sprinkled in homemade organic cinnamon sugar. Again, you could certainly taste the healthiness of this ice cream, meaning we ate it without even a trace of guilt. Although the tofu one was light and refreshing, our favourite was interestingly the sweet potato one, which had an unusual yet delicious flavour.

Unlike other comments I’ve heard about Locofama, our food came very quickly – in fact a little too quickly, as the next dish came before we were even half way through the one before; perhaps it’s just one way or the other here! Lunch for two came to just over $200 each – not a ridiculous price to pay for wholesome, nutritious and most importantly delicious food. As Locofama quite rightly puts it: “see, living healthy isn’t that hard!” Don’t forget to poke your head into the grocery store next door to take some of that goodness home with you…


11 Fuk Sau Lane
Sai Ying Pun
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2547 7668


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  1. Felix Tham

    Thanks for the review, was planning a visit myself (and to Grassroots Pantry, which I have heard a lot about).


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